Saturday, November 24, 2007


Wedgwood Jasperware Vase, circa 1960-80.

Contact Penny's Pantry at for details. This piece has not yet been listed on our auction/market place sites. A great item for the serious Wedgwood collector. $225.00

In 1754 Josiah Wedgwood began to experiment with coloured creamware. He established his own factory, but often worked with others who did transfer printing. He also produced jasperware, made of white stoneware clay that had been coloured by the addition of metal oxides. Jasperware was usually ornamented with white relief portraits or Greek Classical scenes. Jasperware, his most successful innovation, was a durable unglazed ware most characteristically blue with fine white cameo figures inspired by the ancient Roman Portland Vase. Many of the finest designs were the work of the British artist John Flaxman. The Wedgwood company went on to produce pottery and dinnerware in many different and popular patterns.

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Our enthusiastic Granddaughter has rekindled an old hobby of ours--rock and gem hunting. In earlier years we spent some wonderful weekends in and about Franklin, NC, searching for rubies, sapphires, garnet and other precious and semi-precious stones, as our two sons were growing up. So, this past Summer, when our Granddaughter spent some vacation time with us, we returned to North Carolina for some more rock hunting.

We did not find any outstanding gems; but the weather was good, the scenery outstanding, and we all had a great time. We will do this again soon.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


One of my favorite military support groups is Here is an information excerpt from their website:

From Marty Horn - Any Soldier Inc. started as a simple family effort to help our son, Army Sergeant Brian Horn, who was one of the 1,000 soldiers who parachuted into Northern Iraq on March 26th, 2003. We knew his unit, the 173rd Airborne Brigade was living under very rough conditions, and we were sending Brian care packages as often as we could.

We wanted to help the soldiers who were with Brian, so his father, himself a 20-year Army veteran, started this web site on August 26th, 2003, and asked friends and neighbors to help send their support. HERE is the original web page posted that day. The idea caught on, fast. By Christmas Eve 2003 the site looked like THIS.

The support was massive during the holidays, and many requests came to us to support other military units. On January 1st, 2004, we did just that. At the time, we projected that we would have 50 volunteer contact soldiers by Christmas. We were wrong, by June 2nd, 2004, we had our first 100, and 3 days short of a year we had 1,000!As of now we have 3,868!!

The success of Any Soldier® has far exceeded expectations and continues to grow with the invaluable help and guidance of our supporters, board members and Support Team.