Monday, May 31, 2010

Lest We Forget

By: Richard Zipse

"Mommy can I have some more mustard for my hotdog?"

The muffled drum's sad roll has beat
The soldier's last Tattoo;
No more on life's parade shall meet
That brave and fallen few.
On Fame's eternal camping ground
Their silent tents are spread,
And glory guards, with solemn round
The bivouac of the dead.

"Gotta love these national Holidays it's great to get a day off of work with pay.”

Thus 'neath their parent turf they rest,
Far from the gory field,
Borne to a Spartan mother's breast
On many a bloody shield;
The sunshine of their native sky
Smiles sadly on them here,
And kindred eyes and hearts watch by
The heroes sepulcher.

"...and at the end of the Seventh Inning Stretch its Yankees 7 Red Sox 6."

Rest on, embalmed and sainted dead,
Dear as the blood ye gave,
No impious footstep here shall tread
The herbage of your grave.
Nor shall your glory be forgot
While fame her record keeps,
For honor points the hallowed spot
Where valor proudly sleeps.

"Our annual Memorial Day Star Trek marathon kicks off at exactly 12:00 midnight and will as usual provide 24 hours of the best episodes including such favorites as The Trouble With Tribbles and The Doomsday Machine."

Yon marble minstrel's voiceless stone
In deathless song shall tell,
When many a vanquished age hath flown,
The story how ye fell.
Nor wreck, nor change, nor winter's blight,
Nor time's remorseless doom,
Shall dim one ray of glory's light
That gilds your deathless tomb.

"Another banner month for the sports channels with both the Stanley Cup and NBA Playoffs....What more could one ask for?"

This is truly a question of merit and perhaps one that we should ask ourselves on every Memorial Day.

Prose is from Theodore Ohara's "Bivouac of the Dead"

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Quote of the Day:
If not for the Military, there would be no USA!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

NRA News Updates

In Charlotte, More NRA Members Equaled Less Crime: NRA's 2010 Annual Meetings in Charlotte, North Carolina are now behind us and were, by all accounts, a great success. In an article on, Molly Hedrick of the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority confirmed that the convention was "extremely successful." In fact, the NRA event was the largest convention in Charlotte history. With crowds estimated at 70,000 to 85,000, the number of visitors amounted to the equivalent of North Carolina's 10th biggest city, officials have said.

FBI Data Again Shows More Guns = Less Crime

Anyone needing proof that fanaticism for gun control hasn't waned on Capitol Hill, that anti-gunners are -- as Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) put it last year -- only waiting to "pick the time," should watch the video of Mexican president Felipe Calderon's speech to Congress last week, versions of which have been posted on When Calderon asked that the federal "assault weapon" ban be re-imposed, a very large number of U.S. Representatives and Senators present gave him a standing ovation.

However, on Monday the FBI released crime statistics that should cause the applauding anti-gunners to sit on their hands. The statistics indicate that between 2008 and 2009, as gun sales soared, the number of murders in our country decreased 7.2 percent. That amounts to about an 8.2 percent decrease in the per capita murder rate, after the increase in our nation's legal and illegal population is taken into account. And it translates into about a 10.5 percent decrease in the murder rate between 2004, when the ban expired, and the end of 2009. And finally, it means that in 2009 our nation's murder rate fell to a 45-year low.
Voter Registration Alert: With the 2010 elections rapidly approaching, gun owners have a tremendous opportunity to elect officials who will support our Second Amendment rights. This will not be possible, however, unless you make your voice heard by voting, and encouraging your family, friends, and fellow gun owners to do the same. Therefore, it is critical that gun owners in these states are registered to vote for the November elections, and for the upcoming primary elections.
TENNESSEE: Tennessee Senate Overrides Restaurant Carry Veto On Thursday, May 27, the Tennessee State Senate overrode Governor Phil Bredesen's (D) veto of Senate Bill 3012 by a vote of 22 to 10. This legislation now heads to the State House and could be heard as early as Tuesday, June 1. SB3012 would allow a person who has a valid right-to-carry permit to carry a firearm for self-defense in restaurants where alcohol may be served, as long as the permit holder is not consuming alcohol or is not otherwise prohibited by posting provisions. Please contact your State Representative and urge him or her to support the veto override of SB3012. Contact information for your Representative can be found here: Tennessee Representatives

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Quote of the Day:
“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!” – Samuel Adams

Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

In the absence of Washington Leadership this Memorial Day, let us listen to President Ronald Reagan in his Memorial Day Address, May 28, 1984.

"Cover them over with beautiful flowers,
Deck them with garlands, those brothers of ours,
Lying so silent by night and by day
Sleeping the years of their manhood away.
Give them the meed they have won in the past;
Give them the honors their future forcast;
Give them the chaplets they won in the strife;
Give them the laurels they lost with their life."

- Will Carleton

Remember our soldiers and their service and dedication to our beloved country.

Penny and Doug
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Quote of the Day:
If not for the military, there would be no USA!

Monday, May 24, 2010

All About Wedgwood, Part II, Author Unknown

(This is Part II of a continuing series at this blogsite)

I shall consider only the so called old Wedgwood the work of Josiah Wedgwood the elder, made in the last half of the eighteenth century. Wedgwood pottery is still being made in England by the original Wedgwood's successors, and much of the early nineteenth-century pottery from that house is not only excellent, but, in the common acceptation of the term, antique. To keep the chapter within reasonable bounds, however, I shall consider only the old Wedgwood.

To start with a fairly clear conception of what Wedgwood pottery is, I will divide it roughly into four classes: first, cream-colored or queen's-ware; second, black basalt; third, variegated and terra cotta ware; fourth, jasper-ware. Of these the basalt and the jasper are best known and most sought after by collectors. In fact, I find that the term Wedwood is often used synonymously with jasper by the uninitiated. There were a few other products of the Wedgwood factories, but these were the most important.

Another general statement may help to classify Wedgwood ware. With one unimportant exception, he made no porcelain.

Before describing these various types of pottery, a brief sketch of the potter's life is almost essential to the proper understanding of his work and the dating of his products. It was the life of a man of genius in art, an earnest man of interesting personality and sterling character, a man of intellect, patience, perseverance, courage, and high ideals. No brief sketch can do him justice; I must leave that to his biographers, Eliza Meteyard, Arthur H. Church, Frederick Rathbone, and others, whose works are generally available.
(to be continued)
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Pictured above: Wedgwood Jasperware Biscuit Barrel in the very rare color of Lilac. The base markings indicate a production date prior to 1880.

See our selection of antique Wedgwood at: Wedgwood. Visit our website on a regular basis, as we are adding new listings of Wedgwood every week.

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Quote of the Day:
"Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is not making a present or a compliment to please an individual -- or at least that he ought not so to do; but that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human society for which he is accountable to God and his country." --Samuel Adams

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tuesday's Twitters

Here are this week's Tuesday's Twitters--some funny--some not so. Browse and enjoy!

"No man's life, liberty, or property are safe when the legislature is in session." Mark Twain

Cool, interactive- Too good not to tweet! Falling Obama.. Falling Obama Game

Obama Finance Bill Will Allow Seizure of Companies Seizure of Companies

Krauthammer: ICE Situation Shows "Near Lawlessness" Of Obama Admin. ICE on ICE

Jeff Sessions to Head of Immigration - Do Your Job Do Your Job

Princess Pelosi to America: Washington will take care of you... Princess Pelosi

Would be awesome if after Obama says, “The time for talk is over!” the crowd shouted in unison, “Then shut up!”

A Simple Way To Clean Up The Oil Spill The Oil Spill

Legal Challenges to ObamaCare Rapidly Multiply ObamaCare Challenges

Foreign 'terrorists' breach U.S. border Border Breaches

States Gearing Up to Follow Arizona`s Lead on Immigration AZ Law to be adopted by other States

iVote Billboard companies join American people who are fed up with Washington - Billboards Spreading

Princeton PULLED DOWN Elena Kagan's thesis..... citing copywrite

Malkin: The Shady ShoreBank Bailout More shady bailout deals "Let's change the world."

America, remember this day in Nov. Dems Congress gave ovation to Mexican Pres who slammed our country & laws!

My car's door is ajar, and the rear view mirror is a suitcase. Changed my car's GPS voice to Obama; now all it says is, "Go Left! Go Left!"

We stand with them, because they stand for us WarriorsForCongress

Spoof GM Commercial Claims They Repaid Loan The Real Story

Patriot Humor: Don't Step On My Snake Gadsden flag translates its message to modern language.

YouCut vote YouCut Join Eric Cantor, House Republican Whip, to find out who is in favor of spending cuts.

WSBTV in Atlanta Reports on Border Security, Border Terrorism

Arizona Utilities Rep Invites LA to Continue Boycott on Arizona & Watch Their Lights Go Out: Lights Out

Ken Klukowski: Elena Kagan's Opposition to Gun Rights Clearly not SCOTUS material

Nero fiddles while Rome burns. The king parties while oil gushes, tornadoes blow, Nashville treads water...don't forget those butterflies!

Top FCC Staff says they "would luv to have jurisdiction over EVERYTHING!" No Net Neutrality!

Socialized Medicine Gives Birth to 'Ash Cash' Ash Cash

If you like weinerfacts, you will LOVE this Weiner sings "if I only had a brain"

Hey O,I know you don't understand this but, We are Americans & we despise being lied to, decieved & bullied..You will understand in NOv.

2nd grader tells Michelle O her mom doesn't have immigration papers. She says, "that's O.K.,neither does my husband."

Turn off the lights in LA dear AZ. Maybe they will stop feeling entitled & go back to Mexico.

Obama said 'The Cambridge Police acted stupidly... The truth is, 69,456,897 Americans acted stupidly by voting for such a COMPLETE DISASTER!

Bret says Krauthammer is not going to the state dinner. Krauthammer states he would be an undocumented but not illegal guest.

Reading is Fundamental –Unless You Are A member of Team Obama Have you read the bill?

EDITORIAL: The Shi'ite stripper girl next door - Washington Times: New for Next Year Pole Dancing Talent Contestfor MissUSA

ACTION ALERT THIS IS BAD!!! S 510 (The Food Safety Modernization Act) is hissing in the grass A snake in the grass

Obama loses again; 4-0. Every candidate he backed lost: Back to the Minor League, Please

Obamacare’s Avalanche of Paperwork Obamacare is devolving into the Paper Industry Salvation Act of 2010!

Congress Says U.S. Repeated 9/11 Failures in Christmas Day Bombing Plot Do something about it Guys and Gals!!

Lost in His Own Pompous Worldview: Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein Wants an Internet Fairness Doctrine No Way, Jose!

Al Franken takes over Senate floor to explain a newspaper cartoon to the waiting nation He's the Joke! & he is paid $174K for this!

Fans asked to remove pro-AZ 1070 law shirts during NBA game VIVA JIM CLARK! I want a shirt!!

Big Guy says campaign to cut 1.2 trillion calories is critical so next generation lives to payoff 12 trillion in debt! LOL

Times Square Bomber had plans to bomb other high-profile sites. Holder still not sure if he is a terrorist.

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Quote of the Day:
"No one more sincerely wishes the spread of information among mankind than I do, and none has greater confidence in its effect towards supporting free and good government." --Thomas Jefferson, letter to Trustees for the Lottery of East Tennessee College, 1810

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Maryland Governor Signs Self-Defense Reform Bill

Maryland: Governor O’Malley Signs Self-Defense Reform Bill!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

On Thursday, May 20, 2010, Governor Martin O’Malley (D) signed into law a long awaited self-defense measure giving Maryland’s law-abiding citizens the ability to protect themselves and loved ones from harm.

Senate Bill 411, sponsored by State Senator Mac Middleton (D-28), provides civil immunity from damages when force, including deadly force, is used under reasonable circumstances to repel an attack in the person’s dwelling or place of business. Pursuant to Maryland law, this measure will be effective on October 1, 2010.

Please contact Governor O’Malley and thank him for signing SB 411 into law. The Governor can be reached by phone at (410) 974-3901 or toll-free at 1-800-811-8336.

Penny and Doug
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Quote of the Day:
"[T]he people are not to be disarmed of their weapons. They are left in full possession of them." --Zacharia Johnson, speech in the Virginia Ratifying Convention, 1788

Risky Online Places To Be by Eric Sinrod

By FindLaw columnist Eric Sinrod

The Internet crosses geographic boundaries, right? Correct. So, online risks are the same no matter where you are located, right? Wrong! According to a recent study, Internet risks indeed vary depending on where you go online, and ten U.S. cities have been deemed the riskiest. They are, risky online places to be.

The survey, by Norton from Symantec, considered various risk factors in coming up with its results, including cybercrimes such malicious attacks, malware infections, spam zombies, and bot infected computers, as well as additional factors like wireless hotspots, broadband connectivity and online purchases.

Interestingly, the top four risky cities to be online in the U.S., Seattle, Boston, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco, are some of the most advanced technological areas in our country.

Seattle was the most risky city by a wide margin, and it is the only city to score within the top ten of each risk category in the study. Seattle was second overall in terms of risky user behavior and WiFi hotspots.

Boston came in second for overall online risk principally because of its high levels of cybercrimes (fifth), risky behavior (fourth) and WiFi availability.

Washington, D.C., ranked third overall for online risk, with high risk scores across most categories, and was fourth in cybercrimes and fifth in WiFi hotspots. D.C. residents also are very active online purchasers.

San Francisco, a high-tech U.S. Mecca, ranks fourth overall for online risk, and came in first for risky behavior and WiFi hotspots. The relatively low number of cybercrimes is what has kept San Francisco from being the riskiest online U.S. city.

Rounding out the top ten U.S. cities for online risk are Raleigh, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Denver, Austin and Portland (OR).

Article continued at:

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Quote of the Day:
"An unlimited power to tax involves, necessarily, a power to destroy; because there is a limit beyond which no institution and no property can bear taxation." --John Marshall

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Armed Citizen As Reported by the NRA

St. Petersburg, FL:
Mark C Johnson had been arrested 33 times since 1986, including charges of robbery, larceny and battery, according to law enforcement records. Some would suggest he should have been in jail. Unfortunately for sixth-grade reading teacher Juanita Enzor, he hoped to prey upon yet another victim. Police say Enzor, who lives alone, heard Johnson burst through her front door. Grabbing her gun, Enzor hid in the bedroom; and when Johnson entered the room, she shot him. Johnson attempted, albeit briefly, to attach Enzor before falling dead.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

McAllen, TX:
Alejandro Salinas was paying for his gas when the clerk warned him he had seen several suspicious men outside. On his guard, Salinas walked to his truck, but before he could close the door, one of the men put a gun to his neck. "Get out of the truck. I'm going to take it and I'm going to kill you", the suspect said, according to police. But Salinas executed a classic tactical move; in a fast, fluid motion, he pushed away his assailant's gun while drawing his own 9mm pistol and shooting the assailant twice. The wounded suspect fired once into the air as he fell to the ground. His accomplices grabbed him and took him to a hospital, where he died. Salinas has a concealed-carry permit.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Pensacola, FL:
There were about 15 people enjoying a game of bingo at a gaming hall when a masked man wielding a shotgun ran into the room. The armed robber fired a round into the ceiling and demanded money. According to police, that's when bingo hall manager Chad England decided to take action. England retrieved a pistol from an office and shot the masked man, possibly preventing several tragedies. The suspect died enroute to the hospital.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

There are many more stories like these. To be continued.

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Quote of the Day:
"[T]he people are not to be disarmed of their weapons. They are left in full possession of them." --Zacharia Johnson, speech in the Virginia Ratifying Convention, 1788

Monday, May 17, 2010

May Wedgwood Sale At Penny's Antiques & Wedgwood Pantry

For the entire month of May, get 10% off all WEDGWOOD items in our online catalogue.

See our newest listings:
1. Limoges France Sugar & Creamer
2. Tom Clancy's Teeth of the Tiger
3. Indiana Glass Co Ivy Bowls

Pictured here: Antique Wedgwood Cobalt Biscuit Barrel

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Quote of the Day:
"If the federal government should overpass the just bounds of its authority and make a tyrannical use of its powers, the people ... must appeal to the standard they have formed, and take such measures to redress the injury done to the Constitution as the exigency may suggest and prudence justify." --Federalist No. 33

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Ten Secrets of Selling Online

The Ten Secrets of Selling Online
by Paul Graham

We're often asked, what is the secret of selling online? We're happy to tell you. We make tools that help you sell online. So we don't want these secrets to stay secret. We want you to succeed.

We've been working on Internet commerce since July 1995, so we have seen almost the entire history of this industry. We have seen what works, and what doesn't. This page is a brief guide to what works.

As examples, I am going to include links to good and bad Web sites. So note that the opinions expressed here are my own, and not necessarily those of Yahoo!.

1. Work Works

2. Choose the Right Niche

3. High Production Values

4. Make Your Site Easy

5. Be Real

6. Emphasize Service

7. Promote Your Site

8. Lower Your Prices

9. Change Your Site

10. Patience

Copyright © 1999 Paul Graham. Feel free to reproduce any of this text on your own Web site, so long as you reproduce it verbatim, and include this message. For any other use, please contact the author. Yahoo! and Yahoo! Store are trademarks of Yahoo! Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Pictured here: Antique Wedgwood Jasperware Cobalt Lemonade Pitcher, Circa 1910-1930, available at: Wedgwood Lemonade Pitcher

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Quote of the Day:
It’s important for young people and Americans in general to know the Constitution. “You cannot preserve what you do not revere. You cannot protect what you do not comprehend. You cannot defend what you do not know.” Justice Kennedy

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Is It Time For eBay To Sell Their Auction Business?

April 30th, 2010 by Skip McGrath

At eBay’s annual meeting, CEO John Donohoe said that auctions now make up less than half of all listings on the site. And he predicted it would drop to 30% by 2011. Just a few years ago, auctions made up around 70 percent of the listings on the site but in the last quarter they were only 45 percent.

This is not by accident. Since Donohoe took over, eBay has made a concerted effort to look more like Amazon, attract large merchants and focus their growth on fixed price selling.The very nature of the auction business is that it only works when there is a sense of community and a shared passion between buyers and sellers. Those are the traits that made eBay successful. And, these are the same traits that eBay has assiduously tried to kill over the last few years since Donohoe arrived. Actually it started somewhat before Donohoe took over, but has accelerated under his leadership (or should I say lack of leadership).

See entire article at: Skip McGrath

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Quote of the Day:
"[T]he opinion which gives to the judges the right to decide what laws are constitutional and what not ... would make the judiciary a despotic branch. ... [T]he germ of dissolution of our federal government is ... the federal Judiciary ... working like gravity by night and by day, gaining a little today and a little tomorrow, and advancing its noiseless step like a thief, over the field of jurisdiction, until all shall be usurped. ... They are construing our constitution from a co-ordination of a general and special government to a general and supreme one alone." --Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hubble Catches Heavyweight Star Speeding Out of 30 Doradus

This image of the 30 Doradus nebula, a rambunctious stellar nursery, and the enlarged inset photo show a heavyweight star that may have been kicked out of its home by a pair of heftier siblings.

Washington DC (SPX) May 12, 2010

A heavy runaway star is rushing away from a nearby stellar nursery at more than 250,000 miles an hour, a speed that will get you to the Moon and back in two hours. The runaway is the most extreme case of a very massive star that has been kicked out of its home by a group of even heftier siblings.

The homeless star is on the outskirts of the 30 Doradus nebula, a raucous stellar breeding ground in the nearby Large Magellanic Cloud.

See entire article at: Space Daily

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Quote of the Day:
"I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. 'Tis the business of little minds to shrink; but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death." --Thomas Paine, The Crisis, No. 1, 1776

Sunday, May 09, 2010

All About Wedgwood, Part I, Author Unknown

I THINK I have never met a man or a woman with soul so dead as not to feel something of the charm and beauty of old Wedgwood. The modern product by that name is beautiful, but the old ware-the work of the original Josiah Wedgwood surpasses it, and there is apparent an increasing interest in it among amateur American antiquarians. Those of our American forefathers and foremothers who owned some of it were indeed fortunate. They possessed the best that was to be had. And those of us who have inherited a piece or two are even more fortunate.

The story of this greatest of English potters is inspiring, and his product was unquestionably the finest that England has ever produced, in workmanship, design, material, and color. When Josiah Wedgwood started in the potter's trade, most of the tables of the middle classes in England bore only crude clay dishes, pewter, and woodenware. Saltglaze ware was too costly, and it remained for Wedgwood to provide those tables with good ware, perfect in form and material, at a low cost. But he did far more than this. In his finer ware he created works of art that are still the envy of sincere craftsmen. The collection of old Wedgwood, therefore, is a collection not only of antiques, but of true works of art, that no changes in fads or fashions can ever render less valuable to the connoisseur. To be continued.

Pictured above: A lovely, antique Wedgwood Jasperware Cobalt Dipped Etruscan Jug, Circa 1890-1910. See this and other antique Wedgwood at our CHShops Mall Store at: Etruscan Jug

Penny and Doug
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Quote of the Day:
"The name of American, which belongs to you, in your national capacity, must always exalt the just pride of Patriotism, more than any appellation derived from local discriminations." --George Washington

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Tuesday's Twitters

Here are this week's Tuesday's Twitters--some funny--some not so.

REMEMBER they are not illegal aliens, they are undocumented democrats. Undocumented Democrats

May Day, May Day

How to get Obama to secure the border: Tell him they're smuggling salt. That'll *really* piss him off!

Wondering when President Transparent will pay Goldman Sachs the $950,000 to cover their bailout

Public Viagra - Congress' Latest Stimulus Package Stimulus

A Nebraska woman arrested for biting mans ear after he called her fat. Cuz if there's one way to prove you're not fat, its by eating them!

The Last time this nation was in such division the Democrats were adamant that their economic solution prevail: slaves

In case you missed it: Rasmussen: Majority of Voters Prefer Tax Cuts to Government Spending for Job Creation Poll

Reading my tweetstream too fast. I thought the Weather Channel reported a huge Funnel Cake had touched down.

Equal justice means if Charlie Rangel doesn't pay his taxes and then pays the fine with campaign money - he goes to jail

OK, so teaparties are "violent racist mobs", but illegals running amok are just "free speech advocates"? ROFL

Jefferson: To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical

The bad thing about arguing with a lib is that I'm not intellegent enough to compete with their stupidity

Biden, in Phoenix, says new law is 'misguided': In other news Phoenix says Biden is 'misguided'

Let the Obamas' share pie with the other Marxists. The rest of us will just keep making more pies & will do more to help the poor

If you pick up a starving dog & make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog & Obama

If Obama promises to be good next year, maybe Santa will give him a clue for Christmas.

Obamatopia: Where Soup Plantations are being replaced by soup kitchens

BO Justice Department Tells Court to Shield White House Visitor Logs from Full Disclosure and FOIA Law Visitor Secrecy

Public Sector Union Bosses Respond With Threats A Napa Valley Winery Owner is threatened

Obama is gushing more poison into our body politic than that oil well is into the Gulf.

We know you can't yell "liar" in Congressional Chamber,due to potential neck injuries from Liberals turning to see who called them.

Sign at rally demanding job, health care, etc or cops will be shot Send it to Mexico City (along with the demonstrator!)

In approx 19 days we will have survived 1/3rd of Obama's Dictatorship: Countdown To Obama Gone Clock: Tick Tock

Penny and Doug
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Quote of the Day:
"On every unauthoritative exercise of power by the legislature must the people rise in rebellion or their silence be construed into a surrender of that power to them? If so, how many rebellions should we have had already?" --Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Amateur Radio Hamfest Calendar For May 2010

Here are some Amateur Radio Hamfests you can enjoy in May 2010. See you there! If we have missed any, let us know and we will add them!

May 8 - Heart of Georgia Hamfest, Central Georgia ARC & Middle Georgia Radio Assn., Byron Middle School, Byron, GA. Hamfest

May 8 - Johnson County ARC, National Guard Armory, Mountain City, TN. Email:

May 14-16 - Dayton Hamvention, Dayton ARA, Hara Arena, Trotwood, OH, Dayton Hamvention

May 16 - The Flea at MIT, MIT Radio Society, Harvard Wireless Club, MIT Electronics Research Society & MIT UHF Repeater Association, MIT Campus, Cambridge, MA The Flea

May 22 - 19th Annual Hamfest, Southern Berkshire ARC, Goshen CT Fairgrounds, Goshen, CT Hamfest

May 23 - Sacramento Hamfest, North Hills Radio Club, Natomas High School, Sacramento, CA Sacramento

May 28-30 - Rocky Mountain Division Convention, North East Wyoming ARA, Platte River Resort, Casper, WY, Rocky Mtn Covention

May 29 - DurHamFest, Durham FM Association, Little River Community Complex, Bahama, NC DurHamFest

Penny, N6HWB
Doug, N3DAB
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Quote of the Day:
"No trees were killed in the transmission of this message; but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced!"