Friday, October 31, 2008

Lord Wedgwood

By Richard CarreƱo | Special to the Weekly Press | 29.OCT.08

An interview with Lord Wedgwood,

As a hostess, my late mother was china agnostic. Spode. Minton. Wedgwood. Whatever. But not as for decorative pottery. Her cuppa was Wedgwood’s Jasperware, the well-known bas-relief pattern in robin’s-egg-blue. She particularly favored scenes by George Stubbs. She fancied horses.

There’s no longer a Mr. Spode of Spode china fame (the last Josiah Spode associated with the company died in 1893). But there is a Mr. Wedgwood, and when I learned that he was in town, bending the ear of anyone who wanted to learn about the 249-year-old-year-old company founded by his great-X8-grandfather Josiah Wedgwood in 1759, I decided to have a word with him. Also, to have him autograph my mother’s Jaspar, which I now own. (I got the Spode and Minton, too).

Ah, a Stubbs!’ he declared, obliging me with signature on one of my pieces.

Actually, ‘Mr. Wedgwood’ is the Rt. Hon. Piers Anthony Weymouth Wedgwood of Barlaston (just ‘Piers’ to you and me). There’s another thing about Wedgwood, a fit, 54-year-old six-footer who sports what readers of the Sunday comics might recognize as a Prince Valiant hairdo: he actually lives in Philadelphia. More precisely, in Chestnut Hill.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tiki Culture

Tiki culture refers to a mid-20th-century theme used in Polynesian-style restaurants and clubs originally in the United States and then, to a lesser degree, around the world. The connection to Tiki, a character in the mythology of portions of the South Pacific, is tenuous at best.

Tiki culture in the United States began in 1934 with the opening of Don the Beachcomber, a Polynesian-themed bar and restaurant in Hollywood. The proprietor was Ernest Raymond Beaumont-Gantt, a young man from Louisiana who had sailed throughout the South Pacific; later he legally changed his name to Donn Beach. His restaurant featured Cantonese cuisine and exotic rum punches, with a decor of flaming torches, rattan furniture, flower leis, and brightly colored fabrics. Three years later, Victor Bergeron, better known as Trader Vic, adopted a Tiki theme for his restaurant in Oakland, which eventually grew to become a worldwide chain.[1]

When American soldiers returned home from World War II, they brought with them stories and souvenirs from the South Pacific. James Michener won the 1948 Pulitzer Prize for his collection of short stories, Tales of the South Pacific, which in turn was the basis for South Pacific, the 1949 musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein, also a Pulitzer Prize winner. Hawaiian Statehood further drove interest in the area and Americans fell in love with their romanticized version of an exotic culture. A further factor was the excitement surrounding the Kon-Tiki expedition. Polynesian design began to infuse every aspect of the country's visual aesthetic, from home accessories to architecture.

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All About Time-Sharing Vacation Ownership

Time-Share Ownership Variations

Advice to Help You Buy the Right Time-Share:

Technically, owning a time-share means that at a specific 'time' you have access to the 'share' you own in a property. Time-shares have been sold for cruises, recreational vehicles, campgrounds and many other types of properties, but their most popular use is for shares in condominiums at large time-share resorts. There are many flexible ownership variations that prevent you from being committed to one time-share destination and one specific time of year.

Time-shares became popular in Europe in the 1960's when escalating property prices made it nearly impossible for most people to afford a full-time vacation home. By creating a shared ownership, developers were able to reduce the costs for each owner, allowing them to successfully market and sell properties to a greater number of clients.

Time-Share Costs:
Time-share owners pay for their unit. Financing is available for new time-shares sold by developers, but most resales–units purchased from individuals–are paid for in cash.
Time-share owners share maintenance fees, management fees and costs to upkeep common areas such as pools and tennis courts. Fees vary and should be disclosed to you when you buy a unit.

Types of Time-Shares:
There are many time-share ownership variations and a few are described below. Your ownership might differ or it might be made up of a combination of plans.

Fixed Unit, Fixed Week, Deeded Time-Share:
You receive a deed that states you own a specific time-share at a specific time each year.

Floating Time Agreement:
The dates you can use your time-share are flexible. Reservations are on a first-come basis, since all owners likely have the same option.

Right-To-Use Time-Share:
This variation is a lease. At its end you no longer have any rights to the property.

Vacation Clubs or Points-Based Programs:
Time-share owners choose from a variety of vacation destinations. Each stay uses points, which vary for the time-share unit and season purchased.

Buying a Time-Share Resale:
Pre-owned time-shares, or resales, can typically be purchased for a small fraction of the cost of a new unit. Do your homework. Understanding the variables and all of your rights as a time-share buyer will give you more confidence when negotiating for the property.

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SPI Vintage Strategy Games

Update on our listings at

We have just added a new sub-category to our Collectibles main category--Vintage Toys and Games. To start off our listings in this section, we are including SPI Vintage Strategy Games (Simulations Publications, Inc.). These new listings are Designer's Editions, featuring the best works of SPI's Game Design, Development, and Graphics Engineers.

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What is a Paisley Print?

Paisley print is an easily recognized pattern that resembles a crooked tear drop or half of a yin-yang. A very popular print on all sorts of clothing and fashion accessories during the 1960s, paisley print is commonly found today on men’s ties and handkerchiefs. It has also recently resurfaced on women’s skirts and handbags. Though paisley print became popular when it appeared in the shops of London's Carnaby Street during the mod fashion frenzy, its origin can be traced back to India.

Though the recognizable paisley print pattern was originally crafted by Indian artisans, it was brought to Scotland in the early 19th century, where it received its name. Paisley print was named after the Scottish town of Paisley, where printed cotton and wool fabrics were heavily manufactured. Paisley print saw its first acclaimed popularity in the 1960s. Clothes with paisley print were extremely fashionable, and in 1967, John Lennon had his Rolls Royce painted with a paisley print pattern. The trendy shops of Carnaby Street boasted skirts, tops, and men's shirts in paisley print.

Today, paisley print is very common on silk neckties for men, and some fashion designers regularly incorporate paisley print into their leather handbags. Handkerchiefs have long featured a paisley print pattern, most frequently seen in red or blue. In Los Angeles, these paisley print bandannas can signify gang affiliation, and in the Midwest, they are still worn by farmers and ranchers alike to wipe away the sweat of a hard day’s work.

More recently, paisley print experienced a revival of sorts in a more modern version of the paisley print skirt. A trendy look for 2004, a paisley print skirt or top paired with a solid color was popular as both office wear and casual evening wear. Paisley print had been in existence for hundreds of years before it surfaced as a recognizable fashion print, and it is likely that it will continue to be seen in textiles and even decorative home designs for many years to come.

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The Jasperware of Josiah Wedgwood

Josiah Wedgwood and His Jasperware

Of all Staffordshire potters, probably none did so much to advance the craft, both artistically and commercially, as Josiah Wedgwood. Born in Burslem in 1730, he started his career at the age of fourteen as a potter's apprentice. Before he was thirty he had his own business and had begun his unceasing experiments for producing newer and better wares.

He showed signs from the beginning of being both a master potter and a good business man. He had a talent for knowing what the public wanted and also believed and practiced the belief that superior quality paid dividends. He would not tolerate imperfect pieces and on more than one occasion was known to have broken an offending ceramic object with his cane, rather than have it sold to the detriment of the Wedgwood reputation.

Only a few years after his first pottery was established in Burslem, he bought a tract of 150 acres and began building his Etruria factory. This name is still impressed on Wedgwood pieces, with Barleston, the works built some fifteen years ago, now added. His cream-colored queen's ware was the backbone of his business, but he was constantly experimenting with other wares. During the 1760's, he established a shop and warehouse in London, opened a Liverpool branch with an eye to the American trade, and brought out a descriptive catalogue of his wares which was printed in several languages. He also found time for such civic matters as better roads through the Staffordshire area and other improvements in transportation, so that the products of the various Staffordshire potteries might be shipped to the outside world easily and cheaply.

The invention of jasperware was Wedgwood's master accomplishment. To the amateur, this beautiful ceramic and the Wedgwood name have long been synonymous. He began his experiments with it in 1773 and perfected it four years later. A hard, unglazed stoneware, it took its name from its resemblance to the semi-precious stone, jasper, both in texture and color. This was obtained by adding carbonate and sulphate of barium to a semi-porcelain clay and then using a metal oxide far the desired color. Blue is the most familiar, but there are six others-pale green, greyish green, pink, lilac, yellow, and black. Against this colored background, a raised white decoration produced a cameo effect.

Articles made in this ware were mainly display pieces-vases, covered cups, urns, pitchers, and bowls. Tea sets, plates , and other items were made, but were probably more for display than for use. Wedgwood had the good sense to employ artists and craftsmen of high quality, such as James Tassie, John Flaxman, and William Hackwood. These men modeled the originals in wax for many of the jasperware pieces, including the portrait medallions that were set in some of the fine mantels and furniture of the Hepplewhite years.

William Hackwood, who modeled the Dance of the Hours vase , was Wedgwood's right-hand man in the modeling shop. He began working there in 1769 and was still in charge of modeling jasperware and basalt decorations for some thirty-seven years after the great Josiah's death in 1795. His portrait busts and medallions show that he could have been a sculptor of reputation. Well-known examples include portrait reliefs of George III, David Garrick, and Wedgwood himself.

Designs on the Hackwood vase and the accompanying wine pitcher by John Flaxman reflect Wedgwood's partiality for classic art which was in high favor during his years as master potter. Vases and urns portraying classic figures in various poses were produced in fair numbers between 1780 and 1790, the height of the Adam influence in architecture, furniture, and decorative accessories. Flaxman, who modeled the original design of this wine pitcher, began work for Wedgwood in 1775 when only twenty years old. This particular pitcher was made both in jasperware and in black basalt. Flaxman models were used interchangeably in both wares but jasperware remained the favorite.
As with all ceramic innovations, other potters tried their hands at jasperware but with indifferent results. Two exceptions were friendly rivals of Wedgwood. John Turner was fairly successful but the body color of his ware was inferior and his white raised decoration over-ornate. William Adams, who had served his apprenticeship under Wedgwood, produced jasperware so well done that the pottery marks are the chief means of telling an Adams piece from a Wedgwood. His mark is "W. Adams," either impressed or printed. Wedgwood pieces have the impressed circular mark of "WEDGWOOD AND BENTLEY" or simply, "WEDGWOOD" if done after 1781, the year Bentley, the London partner, died.

Today, small articles in jasperware, cameo-like medallions for brooches, rings, small boxes, seals, and other kinds of jewelry, are popular with collectors who often have them set in gold mountings.

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The Stone Mountain HamFest Next Weekend

November 1 and 2, 2008
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53 OnLine Shopping Days Until Christmas (Dec. 15th)

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CorningWare Ain't Corning Ware No More

Here is a great article by Joe Ekaitis on the story of Corning Ware products.

"CorningWare" ain't Corning Ware no more.
Mar 29 '06 (Updated Dec 28 '06)

The Bottom Line If you're lucky enough to own some genuine Corning Ware Pyroceram cookware, take good care of it. Today's "CorningWare" stoneware is no substitute for the real thing.

Mother is lucky.

Her Corning Ware is the real thing made in the USA from a space-age scientific miracle: Corning Pyroceram. Today's "CorningWare" is a stoneware imposter imported from overseas by World Kitchen who licenses the registered trademark "CorningWare" from Corning Incorporated.

See the entire article at:

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A Recent Article by

From the Editor
By Ina Steiner
October 19, 2008

A recent Forbes article paints eBay as "cluttered with business-
consultant types who are out of touch with customers, lacking in
technological vision and prone to sheeplike thinking." Former eBay
employee Alan Lewis stepped forward with a post on his blog to lend
credence to the article.

Alan, former Creator/Product Manager for eBay Desktop, concurs with
many of the assertions in the story, including eBay's lack of
a "product visionary." Lewis does not directly blame John Donahoe for
all of the company's recent problems, saying that the new CEO "has
been left in a terrible bind by those he replaced, who neglected eBay
for years."

One can only surmise that Lewis is referring to Donahoe's
predecessor, Meg Whitman, who was essentially invisible during the
final year of her tenure as eBay's CEO, choosing to stump on the
campaign trail, first for Mitt Romney, then for John McCain......

See entire article here:

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Eight Track Tapes

Here is a Little History about the 8 track player:

The coolest thing you could have in your home or car in the end of the 60's and to the mid 70's was the 8-track tape stereo, which could play the popular 8-track cartridge. In the US you could buy 8-track cartridges until the mid 80's
so it was quite a long lasting format. The 8-track was created by Bill Lear in

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Christmas Ski Week Rental at S. Lake Tahoe, CA

Christmas Ski Week Rental at South Lake Tahoe, California, checking in Friday, Dec 19, 2008 and checking out Friday, December 26, 2008, $950.00 weekly rental fee.

RENT this before it's gone! A One Bedroom Condo, with Bath, Kitchen, Living and Dining area, sleeps 4 Maximum, at Tahoe Beach and Ski Club, a Silver Crown RCI Resort.

Located on Lake Tahoe's southern shore, Tahoe Beach & Ski Club boasts more than 400 feet of private beach. When you're not on the lake, swim in the year-round heated outdoor pool or relax in the warmth of the sauna and hot tubs. In winter, Tahoe becomes a skier's dream. There are more than 20 ski resorts within an easy drive. The slopes of Heavenly Valley are just a mile from the resort.

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64 Days Until Online Christmas (Dec. 15)

Online Christmas shopping needs to be complete by December 15th, in order to insure that your purchases arrive in time for Christmas Day.

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No trees were killed in the transmission of this message, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced

How You Can Support Our Military

Care packages are a great way for us "at home folks" to support our military, especially those serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have been doing just that for some time through the project. In the Anysoldier program, a deployed soldier, sailor, marine, or coastguardsman can sign up to represent his/her group. Then we at home can request an address(s) from AnySoldier in order to send a package, which the recipient shares with his/her group. The Soldier posts a note every month or so on AnySoldier, detailing exactly what their needs are at the time. That way, we can send them just what they need--and their needs vary from A to Z depending on where they are located. The USPS is supporting this care package effort by providing specially priced priority mail boxes for APO addresses.

Another project we support is You can drop your old cell phones off at any participating AT&T store--they recycle them and donate proceeds to this project. Another way you can support BOTH AnySoldier and Cellphones is to get an address from AnySoldier of someone who is requesting phone cards. Then pass this address on to the phone card project, because they cannot, by law, request military addresses directly. But they can accept the address from you; and will send the phone card(s) directly the to APO address provided. Then, follow up with a care package to that same address, because the AnySoldier Program requests that if you ask for an address, you should follow through with a package.

Another project we support is They support our wounded troops--from the battlefield to their bedside. WWP sends Transitional Care Packs to medical units in Iraq and Afghanistan. When called for support upon their return home - WWP provides Backpacks and Peer Mentoring at the bedside. WWP developed a comprehensive adaptive and outdoor sports and recreation program for wounded warriors. When called to relieve financial burdens, WWP spearheaded the creation of a new insurance benefit that to date has paid over $160 million to the wounded and their families.

There are many other worthy military support groups--but these are at the top of our list.

God Bless our Troops and God Bless America.


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No trees were killed in the transmission of this message, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced

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Wedgwood Musuem to Open in October

The long-awaited Wedgwood Museum, located at the site of the Wedgwood factory in Barlaston, UK is scheduled to open on October 24, 2008.

Some will visit Wedgwood to see the first vases which Wedgwood threw at the Etruria works which he eventually was forced to abandon in favour of Barlaston when the local coal-mining works caused the site to sink. The Portland Vase, which takes pride of place in the museum, was fiendishly difficult to throw because of the 17lb weight of clay required. It was a testament to Wedgwood's fervent desire to develop his industry as well as profit from it that he invented the pyrometer – also on display – which allowed him and generations of ceramicists to know the temperature of the coal-fired ovens in which the vases were placed.

See the entire article at: http://www.independ travel/uk/ south-east- england/the- wedgewood- museum-950022. html.

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It's Time to Shop

OnLine Shopping Days Until Christmas 75 days 2 hours 28 minutes and 14 seconds.

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