Saturday, October 18, 2008

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From the Editor
By Ina Steiner
October 19, 2008

A recent Forbes article paints eBay as "cluttered with business-
consultant types who are out of touch with customers, lacking in
technological vision and prone to sheeplike thinking." Former eBay
employee Alan Lewis stepped forward with a post on his blog to lend
credence to the article.

Alan, former Creator/Product Manager for eBay Desktop, concurs with
many of the assertions in the story, including eBay's lack of
a "product visionary." Lewis does not directly blame John Donahoe for
all of the company's recent problems, saying that the new CEO "has
been left in a terrible bind by those he replaced, who neglected eBay
for years."

One can only surmise that Lewis is referring to Donahoe's
predecessor, Meg Whitman, who was essentially invisible during the
final year of her tenure as eBay's CEO, choosing to stump on the
campaign trail, first for Mitt Romney, then for John McCain......

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