Friday, October 31, 2008

Lord Wedgwood

By Richard Carreño | Special to the Weekly Press | 29.OCT.08

An interview with Lord Wedgwood,

As a hostess, my late mother was china agnostic. Spode. Minton. Wedgwood. Whatever. But not as for decorative pottery. Her cuppa was Wedgwood’s Jasperware, the well-known bas-relief pattern in robin’s-egg-blue. She particularly favored scenes by George Stubbs. She fancied horses.

There’s no longer a Mr. Spode of Spode china fame (the last Josiah Spode associated with the company died in 1893). But there is a Mr. Wedgwood, and when I learned that he was in town, bending the ear of anyone who wanted to learn about the 249-year-old-year-old company founded by his great-X8-grandfather Josiah Wedgwood in 1759, I decided to have a word with him. Also, to have him autograph my mother’s Jaspar, which I now own. (I got the Spode and Minton, too).

Ah, a Stubbs!’ he declared, obliging me with signature on one of my pieces.

Actually, ‘Mr. Wedgwood’ is the Rt. Hon. Piers Anthony Weymouth Wedgwood of Barlaston (just ‘Piers’ to you and me). There’s another thing about Wedgwood, a fit, 54-year-old six-footer who sports what readers of the Sunday comics might recognize as a Prince Valiant hairdo: he actually lives in Philadelphia. More precisely, in Chestnut Hill.

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