Thursday, May 06, 2010

Amateur Radio Hamfest Calendar For May 2010

Here are some Amateur Radio Hamfests you can enjoy in May 2010. See you there! If we have missed any, let us know and we will add them!

May 8 - Heart of Georgia Hamfest, Central Georgia ARC & Middle Georgia Radio Assn., Byron Middle School, Byron, GA. Hamfest

May 8 - Johnson County ARC, National Guard Armory, Mountain City, TN. Email:

May 14-16 - Dayton Hamvention, Dayton ARA, Hara Arena, Trotwood, OH, Dayton Hamvention

May 16 - The Flea at MIT, MIT Radio Society, Harvard Wireless Club, MIT Electronics Research Society & MIT UHF Repeater Association, MIT Campus, Cambridge, MA The Flea

May 22 - 19th Annual Hamfest, Southern Berkshire ARC, Goshen CT Fairgrounds, Goshen, CT Hamfest

May 23 - Sacramento Hamfest, North Hills Radio Club, Natomas High School, Sacramento, CA Sacramento

May 28-30 - Rocky Mountain Division Convention, North East Wyoming ARA, Platte River Resort, Casper, WY, Rocky Mtn Covention

May 29 - DurHamFest, Durham FM Association, Little River Community Complex, Bahama, NC DurHamFest

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