Saturday, May 08, 2010

Tuesday's Twitters

Here are this week's Tuesday's Twitters--some funny--some not so.

REMEMBER they are not illegal aliens, they are undocumented democrats. Undocumented Democrats

May Day, May Day

How to get Obama to secure the border: Tell him they're smuggling salt. That'll *really* piss him off!

Wondering when President Transparent will pay Goldman Sachs the $950,000 to cover their bailout

Public Viagra - Congress' Latest Stimulus Package Stimulus

A Nebraska woman arrested for biting mans ear after he called her fat. Cuz if there's one way to prove you're not fat, its by eating them!

The Last time this nation was in such division the Democrats were adamant that their economic solution prevail: slaves

In case you missed it: Rasmussen: Majority of Voters Prefer Tax Cuts to Government Spending for Job Creation Poll

Reading my tweetstream too fast. I thought the Weather Channel reported a huge Funnel Cake had touched down.

Equal justice means if Charlie Rangel doesn't pay his taxes and then pays the fine with campaign money - he goes to jail

OK, so teaparties are "violent racist mobs", but illegals running amok are just "free speech advocates"? ROFL

Jefferson: To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical

The bad thing about arguing with a lib is that I'm not intellegent enough to compete with their stupidity

Biden, in Phoenix, says new law is 'misguided': In other news Phoenix says Biden is 'misguided'

Let the Obamas' share pie with the other Marxists. The rest of us will just keep making more pies & will do more to help the poor

If you pick up a starving dog & make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog & Obama

If Obama promises to be good next year, maybe Santa will give him a clue for Christmas.

Obamatopia: Where Soup Plantations are being replaced by soup kitchens

BO Justice Department Tells Court to Shield White House Visitor Logs from Full Disclosure and FOIA Law Visitor Secrecy

Public Sector Union Bosses Respond With Threats A Napa Valley Winery Owner is threatened

Obama is gushing more poison into our body politic than that oil well is into the Gulf.

We know you can't yell "liar" in Congressional Chamber,due to potential neck injuries from Liberals turning to see who called them.

Sign at rally demanding job, health care, etc or cops will be shot Send it to Mexico City (along with the demonstrator!)

In approx 19 days we will have survived 1/3rd of Obama's Dictatorship: Countdown To Obama Gone Clock: Tick Tock

Penny and Doug
Penny's Antiques & Wedgwood Pantry

Quote of the Day:
"On every unauthoritative exercise of power by the legislature must the people rise in rebellion or their silence be construed into a surrender of that power to them? If so, how many rebellions should we have had already?" --Thomas Jefferson

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