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Looking Back At the NRA**

Not often will words published in a newspaper actually change the course of history, but that is exactly what happened in 1870 and 1871, when William C. Church, Editor of the Army and Navy Journal, published a series of editorials about the need for better rifle marksmanship to support national defense.

Those editorials and subsequent Manual for Rifle practice written by George W. Wingate inspired a group of National Guard officers to realize the dire need for Americans to improve their marksmanship. In November 1871, these men created history with the formation of one of America's finest, most productive and most necessary organizations--The National Rifle Association.

In their vision, America found the strength needed to prevail in wars our country would fight in the years to follow.

And, in the NRA, American gun owners found the strength to prevail in the war we still fight today, a war against enemies of freedom within our own shores who would strip us of our Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

**Information provided by Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President of the NRA

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Quote of the Day:
"The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people." 9th Amendment US Constitution

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Healthcare in a nutshell by Maxine

Let me get this straight. We're going to be gifted with a health care plan written by a committee whose chairman says he
doesn't understand it, passed by a Congress that hasn't read it but exempts themselves from it,
to be signed by a president who also hasn't read it and who smokes, with funding administered by a
treasury chief who didn't pay his taxes, to be overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, and
financed by a country that's broke.

What the hell could possibly go wrong?

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Quote of the Day:
"I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means. I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. In my youth I travelled much, and I observed in different countries, that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer." --Benjamin Franklin

Saturday, August 21, 2010

All About Wedgwood, Part VII, Author Unknown

While less remarkable than the basalt or the jasper, the variegated ware manufactured by Wedgwood & Bentley is not without interest for the collector. Agate effects were produced by differentcolored clays, and cream-colored earthenware was colored on the surface and glazed to represent porphyry, granite, Egyptian pebble, etc.

A number of vases and bulb and flower-pots were made in these effects and in terra-cotta, likewise a few lamps and candelabra. A white porcelain biscuit, with smooth and wax-like surface, was also made, but only a few pieces of it are in existence. Some enameled ware was also turned out, but this is neither as distinctive nor as beautiful as the painted basalt.

The subject of cameos, medallions, etc., deserves a paragraph to itself. Some of Wedgwood's most decorative and most minutely perfect work was done in this class of pottery. At first these were in cream colored relief, with the ground stained. Then medallions, miniature portraits, intaglios, medals, etc., were made in black basalt. A few of these were flat, with a Classic figure painted in encaustic, but most of them were in black bas-relief. The invention of the jasper body enabled Wedgwood to produce white cameo reliefs on a colored ground in beautiful combinations. The relief was molded separately and so carefully applied that these cameos are often flawless under a magnify inb glass. Classic figures were used, and also portraits of royalties and other personages. There were several classes of these portrait cameos, some in basalt and others in jasper-chiefly blue and white. Medallion portraits were often set in silver and ranged from ring size to three inches in diameter. The commonest size was 2 x 1 1/4 inches, in oval form. The Classic medallions were also made in small sizes for jewels, and in larger sizes for framing or for mounting on furniture or mantels. Plaques were made for this purpose in sizes ranging from 9 x 6 inches to 27 1/2, x 81/2 inches.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Pictured above: Wedgwood Egyptian Medallion. We have several pieces of vintage Wedgwood jewelry in our Mall store at: Wedgwood Jewelry

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Quote of the Day:
"But ambitious encroachments of the federal government, on the authority of the State governments, would not excite the opposition of a single State, or of a few States only. They would be signals of general alarm... But what degree of madness could ever drive the federal government to such an extremity." --James Madison, Federalist No. 46

Thought of the Day

If you don't know GOD, don't make stupid remarks!!!!!!

A United States Marine was taking some college courses
between assignments. He had completed 20 missions in Iraq
and Afghanistan . One of the courses had a professor who
was an avowed atheist, and a member of the ACLU.

One day the professor shocked the class when he came in.
He looked to the ceiling and flatly stated, "GOD, if you are real, then
I want you to knock me off this platform... I'll give you exactly 15 min."
The lecture room fell silent. You could hear a pin drop. Ten minutes
went by and the professor proclaimed, "Here I am GOD, I'm still waiting."

It got down to the last couple of minutes when the Marine got
out of his chair, went up to the professor, and cold-cocked him;
knocking him off the platform. The professor was out cold.

The Marine went back to his seat and sat there, silently.
The other students were shocked and stunned, and sat there
looking on in silence. The professor eventually came to,
noticeably shaken, looked at the Marine and asked,
"What in the world is the matter with you? Why did you do that?"

The Marine calmly replied,
"GOD was too busy today protecting America's
soldiers who are protecting your right to say stupid
stuff and act like an idiot. So He sent me."

The classroom erupted in cheers!

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Quote of the Day:
"His temper was excellent, and he generally observed decorum in debate. On one or two occasions I have seen him angry, and his anger was terrible; those who witnessed it, were not disposed to rouse it again." --Thomas Jefferson, on Patrick Henry, 1824

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How Big is Your Carbon Footprint?

How big is your carbon footprint when you use CFL bulbs instead of standard incacndescent bulbs and your house burns down ???

Below is a picture of a CFL light bulb from a friend's bathroom. She turned it on the other day and then smelled smoke after a few minutes. Four inch flames were spewing out of the side of the ballast like a blow torch! She immediately turned off the lights. But I'm sure it would have caused a fire if she was not right there. Imagine if the kids had left the lights on as usual when they were not in the room.

She took the bulb to the Fire Department to report the incident. The Fireman wasn't at all surprised and said that it was not an uncommon occurrence. Apparently, sometimes when the bulb burns out there is a chance that the ballast can start a fire. He told her that the Fire Marshall had issued reports about the dangers of these bulbs. Upon doing some Internet research, it seems that bulbs made by “Globe” in China seem to have the lion’s share of problems. Lots of fires have been blamed on misuse of CFL bulbs, like using them in recessed lighting, pot lights, dimmers or in track lighting. Hers was installed in a normal light socket.

she bought these at Wal-Mart. I will be removing all the Globe bulbs from my house.


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Quote of the Day:
"[H]is was the singular destiny and merit, of leading the armies of his country successfully through an arduous war, for the establishment of its independence; of conducting its councils through the birth of a government, new in its forms and principles, until it had settled down into a quite and orderly train; and of scrupulously obeying the laws through the whole of his career, civil and military, of which the history of the world furnishes no other example." --Thomas Jefferson, on George Washington in a letter to Dr. Walter Jones, 1814

Thought of the Day

Thought of the Day:

Just in case the subject ever comes up about who really should be in the land of Israel, this will have a good point of view.

An ingenious example of speech and politics occurred recently in the United Nations Assembly, which made the world community:

A representative from Israel began: "Before beginning my talk I want to tell you something about Moses. When he struck the rock and it brought forth water, he thought, 'What a good opportunity to have a bath! He removed his clothes, put them aside on the rock and entered the water. When he got out and wanted to dress, his clothes had vanished. A Palestinian had stolen them."

The Palestinian representative jumped up furiously and shouted, "What are you talking about? The Palestinians weren't there then!"

The Israeli representative smiled and said, "And now that we have made that clear, I will begin my speech." ........

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Quote of the Day:
"As an American I am not so shocked that Obama was given
the Nobel Peace Prize without any accomplishments to his
name, because America gave him the White House based on
the same credentials." ~Newt Gingrich

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August/September Sale At Penny's Antiques & Wedgwood Pantry

Beginning August 15, 2010 and running through September 15, 2010, all of our catalogue items will be on sale at 15% off listed price. Get your bargains beginning August 15th!!

Pictured here: Wooden Sailor Bank available at our store.

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Quote of the Day:
"The state governments have a full superintendence and control over the immense mass of local interests of their respective states, which connect themselves with the feelings, the affections, the municipal institutions, and the internal arrangements of the whole population. They possess, too, the immediate administration of justice in all cases, civil and criminal, which concern the property, personal rights, and peaceful pursuits of their own citizens." --Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833

Sunday, August 08, 2010

AuctionBytes Article "From The Editor" by Ina Steiner

From the Editor
By Ina Steiner
August 08, 2010

We have some exciting news - we have upgraded the AuctionBytes forum software so it's now easier to join the discussions taking place on the AuctionBytes forums. It's easy to register, and it has some nice community features (friends, groups and photo albums, for example) that we look forward to exploring.

We've moved over the old forum with all of the existing content, so it will look familiar. But with more focus on multi-channel selling these days, we welcome your suggestions on making the AuctionBytes forum even more relevant to your business.

See entire article at: AuctionBytes

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Quote of the Day:
"In the next place, the state governments are, by the very theory of the constitution, essential constituent parts of the general government. They can exist without the latter, but the latter cannot exist without them." --Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833

Friday, August 06, 2010

A Galactic Spectacle

A Galactic Spectacle

Washington DC (SPX) Aug 06, 2010 - A beautiful new image (pictured here)of two colliding galaxies has been released by NASA's Great Observatories. The Antennae galaxies, located about 62 million light years from Earth, are shown in this composite image from the Chandra X-ray Observatory (blue), the Hubble Space Telescope (gold), and the Spitzer Space Telescope (red). The collision, which began more than 100 million years ago and is still ...

Article continued at: Space Daily

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Quote of the Day:
"During the course of administration, and in order to disturb it, the artillery of the press has been leveled against us, charged with whatsoever its licentiousness could devise or dare. These abuses of an institution so important to freedom and science are deeply to be regretted..." --Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Tuesday's Twitters

Here are more Tuesday's Twitters--some funny, some not so.

Quote of the Day, from Roll Call: A senior House Democratic aide said Members are particularly eager to tout passage of financial reform in their districts because, unlike health care, the public recognizes that it won’t suffer under it.(so, now they admit that HC is harmful to the public!!!)

Quote of Joe Biden: “Look, these are gigantic packages to deal with a gigantic problem we inherited. And the vast majority of the American people, and a lot of people really involved, don’t even know what’s inside the packages.” Now THAT is reassuring!!!

Dems continue to push to confirm Kagan while admitting that Kagan is an inexperienced academic ideologue on an extreme liberal quest to promote her liberal beliefs. Feinstein, D-CA said: "Frankly, I find this (lack of experience) refreshing." Telling Kagan, "I believe you are eminently confirmable." LMAO

Congressional candidate in DC to serve Democrats with Obamacare complaint Complaint

US Cap-and-Trade Plans Put on Ice: On 22 July, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced that the De... Put on Ice

American Thinker: Obama and the Fake Tag Fake Tag

Holder puts felons over soldiers Vote Obstruction The Justice Department obstructs military voting rights

US Faces 'Disaster' from Financial Reform Bill, Bachmann Warns Financial Disaster The financial reform bill should be repealed

DEATH PROFIT: Fallen Soldiers' Families Denied Cash as Prudential, MetLife Gain Shameful Practice

Congressman David Wu (OR-1) Democrat, voted NO on building a fence along the Mexican border. Vote 'em out in NOv

Time to call the Senators that are endorsing Kagan. Snowe, Collins, Graham? Who else? This is a travesty!

Webcamgate returns! Webcamgate

US: Arizona Helped Deport Thousands Without New... Leaving? And Obama said it couldn't be done, hmmm

The following representatives voted for Obamacare -- vote em out in Nov:
Rep John Tierney [D] from MA-6
Rep John Garamendi [D] from CA-10
Rep Charles Gonzalez [D] from TX-20
Rep Alcee Hastings [D] from FL-23
Rep Scott Murphy [D] from NY-20

"Brewer to Obama: 'Everything's off the table' til borders secure" - What a gal!

Charlie Rangel legal bils paid for by Unions/PAC's More fraudulent use of union member dues

Federal Food Police Coming Soon to a Farm Near You. Food Police

SEC Says New Finance Regulation Law Exempts It From Public Disclosure So much for transparency.

Another Dem trying to avoid paying taxes Sen Kerry & his yacht

American Banks Laundering Hundreds Of Billions Dollars For Mexican Drug Cartels Drug Money Laundering

Pres. Barack Obama – Editor of the Harvard Law Review – Has No Law License??? And neither does Michelle

Senate Democrats unable to proceed on bill to disclose corporate campaign donors Cloture vote fails

GA student sues university to protect religious freedom A Remediation program to change her religious beliefs?

ALIPAC Asks for Safe Passage Out of America for Illegals request "safe departure" border checkpoints be established

This Week's YOUCUT Prohibit "First-Class" Subsidies on Amtrak. See how the House voted. We will remember in NOv

umm...umm...umm...the WASHINGTON POST owns ALL Journolist emails with 'no expectation of privacy' to participants...Uh lefty media!

They’re not “illegal aliens” anymore. They’re now “displaced foreign travelers” Not Illegal

New blog post: Let Us Talk Seriously of Burkhas and Lightbulbs Burkhas & Lightbulbs

Allowing radical leftists to run the country is akin to giving a suitcase of 100s to Tony Soprano for safekeeping

Buzzworthy: Dems fear GOP oversight of Obama administration Overesight Coming

A Congress that is Immune to Facts and Truth Immune

Phoenix, Arizona features an astounding annual car theft rate of 57,000 vehicles & has become the new "Car Theft Capital of the World."

did u see this? Carbon trading is in the Finreg Bill- Pages 373, 374 & 737 See it

US law enforcement authorities claim there are now over 1M members of criminal gangs inside US responsible 4 up to 80% of crimes committed.

I am tempted to compare today’s “journalists” with prostitutes, except I’m sure “ladies of the evening” have much higher ethical standards.

DO NOT LINK THISE PAPERS. A legal parasite threatens all bloggers: Parasite

Obama Loses Track of Teleprompter: Move It Up Teleprompter

Debating Trig Trutherism: At the Journolist. The Daily Caller has the raw emails. A sample, from Ryan D... emails

Major Newspapers Urge End to Another Green Fiasco-Ethanol End Ethanol

The Ground Zero Mosque Dubious Champions Ground Zero

Cannot remember a botched job larger than Sherrod by WH. Oh yes the Beer Summit.

Regime change we can believe in starts in 2010.

Check this video out Hidden Cameras on Arizona Border: Drugs, Guns and 850 Illegal Aliens AMERICA NEEDS AZ LAW

Pot is legal. Salt is not. Sugar is next. This makes sense only to a Democrat.

Hussein's first 'Shovel-Ready' Job: New York Mega-Victory Mosque 'Just Two Blocks' From Ground Zero Shovel-Ready Job

Pelosi Invited To Join Tea Party, Brings Crumpets Tea Party Or Bitch Biscuits, Mostly Bitch Biscuits

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Quote of the Day:
"In the next place, the state governments are, by the very theory of the constitution, essential constituent parts of the general government. They can exist without the latter, but the latter cannot exist without them." --Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Turquoise Earrings Guide

Turquoise Earrings Guide

With ear piercings often representing a life milestone, turquoise earrings are among the most memorable forms of jewelry. Through history, earrings have been crafted of numerous materials including bone, shell, and precious metals and gemstones. Celebrated for the belief they promoted clear thought and improved communication, turquoise earrings have, and remain to be, one of the most popular styles of earring. The most popular turquoise earrings styles are the hoop, wire, and post varieties.

Turquoise Hoop Earrings:
Turquoise hoop earrings come in two varieties: full- and half-hoop. Numerous styles stem from these two base styles. Full-hoop earrings are simple, but make a bold fashion statement. They are generally plain wire or tubing fashioned into a ring; wire hoops are often worn as-is, tubing hoops are strong and can support beadwork and dangles. Half-hoop earrings are less bold than their counterparts, but are equally fashionable; what they lack in size, they make up for in usability. Turquoise is beautifully incorporated into half-hoops with inlay and beading techniques. Inlaid turquoise can be placed on the outer rim of the hoop for a crisp, clean look. Turquoise dangles or clusters can be attached for a casual, airy style.

Turquoise Wire Earrings:
The introduction of ear wires has created a blank canvas for turquoise earring designers. A great number of designs can be made using them as a base on which to decorate, or as a decoration itself. While some designers have chosen to beautify the wire by attaching turquoise to it, the real attention grabber is the dangle. The dangle can range from a large chandelier pendant to a simple beaded cluster. Combining the free flowing motion and charm of turquoise, dangle earrings draw even more attention to the face. This style of turquoise earrings adapts well to any outfit and occasion.

Turquoise Post Earrings:
Post, or stud, earrings are the most simple but also sophisticated earrings. They can have a dangle attached to them, but they are traditionally a single stone set on a post. Other earring styles incorporate the mounting into the design; the post earrings are designed so the stone is the primary attention grabber. Because turquoise is a soft stone, it can be cut into many shapes and sizes, which makes it a logical and attractive choice for post earrings.
Pictured Here: Faux Turquoise Bracelet and Earrings

See our Turquoise jewelry listings at: Turqwuoise Jewelry

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Quote of the Day:
"So that the executive and legislative branches of the national government depend upon, and emanate from the states. Every where the state sovereignties are represented; and the national sovereignty, as such, has no representation." --Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833

Amateur Radio Hamfest Calendar for August 2010

Here are some Amateur Radio Hamfests you can enjoy in August 2010. See you there! If we have missed any, let us know and we will add them!

Saturday, Aug 7, 2010
12th Annual CFARS Swapfest Fayetteville, NC
Columbus Hamfest Columbus, OH
Ithaca Hamfest 2010 Trumansburg, NY
K9MCE - The West Central Illinois Hamfest,Carlinville, IL
Texas State Convention (Austin Summerfest 2010) Austin, TX
UP Hamfest 2010 Escanaba, MI
Western Illinois Amateur Radio Club Quincy, IL

Saturday, August 14,2010
4th Annual TARC Tailgate Party Moncks Corner, SC
Fort Pierce Amateur Radio Club Fort Pierce, FL
Hamfest & Computer Show Huntington, WV
Keuka Lake Amateur Radio Association Howard, NY
New Mexico State Convention (Duke City Hamfest) Albuququerque, NM
Racine Megacycle Freefest 2010 Sturtevant, WI
RASON Hamfest 2010 Gales Ferry, CT
Reading Radio Club Hamfest Sinking Spring, PA
Rome Radio Club Westmoreland, NY
Santa Barbara Section Convention Santa Barbara, CA
St. Albans Amateur Radio Club Swanton, VT
St. Albans Hamfest Saint Albans, ME
The Radio Club of Tacoma Spanaway, WA

Saturday, August 21, 2010
2010 Ham-Jam Deerfield, NY
3rd Annual Tailgators Hamfest Osgood, IN
AWA 2010 World Convention HAMFEST Henrietta, NY
Cooke County Amateur Radio Club Gainesville, TX
Ham Radio & Computer Flea Market (CANCELLED) Oakland, NJ
Orleans County Amateur Radio Club (WA2DQL) Ridgeway, NY
PCARC Swapfest La Porte, IN
Red Oak, Iowa History Center Hamfest Red Oak, IA
SARA Inside & Outside "Trunk" Sale Owosso, MI
Southeastern Division Convention Huntsville, AL
West Virginia State Convention Weston, WV

Saturday, Aug 28, 2010
Circus City Swapfest Baraboo, WI
Joplin Amateur Radio Club Joplin, MO
New England Division Convention Boxborough, MA
Owen County ARA & Bloomington ARCSpencer, IN

For more information about Amateur Radio, see our Squidoo Lens at: Amateur Radio

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Quote of the Day:
"No trees were killed in the transmission of this message, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced!"