Tuesday, February 22, 2005

eBay Listings, eBay fees and the eBay Boycott

Is the boycott working?

The latest graph of eBay listings by www.quotetracker.com indicates the following:

eBay listings as of Feb 15 - 19,500,000
eBay listings as of Feb 21 - 15,000,000

Do the math, folks! That's about a 20% decrease in listings. And the boycott still has four more days to run.

Overstock.com is claiming about 40,000 of these listings; Wagglepop.com, an auction site that just opened four days ago has topped 20,000 listings. The rest have scattered to Bidville.com, iOffer.com, and many other auction venues.

It will be interesting to see the statistics in a few months. When news of the eBay fee increases were announced, many Sellers took advantage of a 120-day listing, thereby avoiding additional fees until the expiration of the listing. About the middle of May, these listings will be gone, along with the Sellers eBay stores.

That will be a good time to take another look at the quotetracker.com graph.

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