Sunday, April 17, 2005


What to do? What to do???????

Well, why don't you come & grow with us?

Complaining is not doing anything.... and you already have 1/2 the
answer... List a few things on ebay so you can make some income and at
the same time use them as a sign post for auctions on the free sites.
You might as well, your paying for the traffic...

The second part of the answer is, List on one or more of the Partner
Sites on the Network. They're free to list, so it won't cost you a
dime to be part of the alternative solution.

We are growing!
There is , , , , and, who are
currently setting up.

AND, the good part is that you can "Pick" a Partner Site.
It does not matter which one you use, your listings will show up on
The Netwrok either way. So try a few and give it a little time.

You can't post 3 items on a site and expect sales is 7 days...
Follow Laurie's advice. She's got the right idea and positive
- winning - attitude.

It probably won't take that long to "DUMP" ebay forever
if most of you will just band together and at least try
one of the Partner Sites -Your Pick -
and promote The Network to your buyers and seller friends.

Get your buyers to shop the Network, so they can shop all the Partner
Sites from One Site... Beats hopping from site to site...

It's not costing you anything, all you have to do is put a little
effort in promoting the new shopping venue and in no time
the Network will be as better than ebay BUT... you will always have
the choice of which site you list on.

I've even made it so you can list your items on a non-participating
site, and still post these items on the Network individually to get
additional traffic.

I've built an alternative, that give sellers total freedom.
All you have to do is USE IT and PROMOTE IT!


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