Friday, July 29, 2005


Just as we have the Minutemen on our borders volunteering to protect us from further "invasion", we have the internet "Minutemen" who volunteer to protect us from scammers, who bombard our email with fraudulent offers.

I have been blessed with two scammers recently on two of my
AuctionsNetworkUSA sites—one on and the other on Both scammers need lessons in English grammar very
badly. Laracroft Mourinho wants my address and phone number to send
me a money order, even before bidding on my listing. Tracyad2005
wants to send me a western union money order from a third party.
BTW, Tracyad2005's address does not exist. I'll bet you can
guess what comes next! Probably an email telling me they are going to
send me a money order for at least 10 times the value of my listing
and asking me to send them back the difference! And, of course, the
money order turns out to be bogus!

And today I get an offer from the Congo to help KOMANE EDULA bring $25,000,000 to the USA; and I get to keep 30% of it!!

But there are those enterprising "Minutemen" of the internet, willing to take on these scumbags; and you can visit the websites below and see what they are
doing in retaliation.

But don't try to absorb it all at once. You can strain your muscles with too much laughter! Save some laughter for another day. And, when you receive one of these scam offers, you can post the letter on the forum under "Surplus Scam Letters"; so that 419 members who feel inclined can choose one to pursue! It is quite a show!

They also have a forum section where anyone can help them
legally "disable" the fake banks and lotteries sites that abound on
the internet. What a hoot! Don't miss it!


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Erin said...


I believe we can never have ENUF info. on the scammers and their various "means" of scamming! I'm always amazed at how unoriginal they are in their efforts....

Thanks for sharing!