Saturday, July 30, 2005

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Friday, July 29, 2005

Wedgwood Jasperware S&P Shakers, available at by copperpenny22. And check out the $1NR sale at BidChaser! Posted by Picasa


Just as we have the Minutemen on our borders volunteering to protect us from further "invasion", we have the internet "Minutemen" who volunteer to protect us from scammers, who bombard our email with fraudulent offers.

I have been blessed with two scammers recently on two of my
AuctionsNetworkUSA sites—one on and the other on Both scammers need lessons in English grammar very
badly. Laracroft Mourinho wants my address and phone number to send
me a money order, even before bidding on my listing. Tracyad2005
wants to send me a western union money order from a third party.
BTW, Tracyad2005's address does not exist. I'll bet you can
guess what comes next! Probably an email telling me they are going to
send me a money order for at least 10 times the value of my listing
and asking me to send them back the difference! And, of course, the
money order turns out to be bogus!

And today I get an offer from the Congo to help KOMANE EDULA bring $25,000,000 to the USA; and I get to keep 30% of it!!

But there are those enterprising "Minutemen" of the internet, willing to take on these scumbags; and you can visit the websites below and see what they are
doing in retaliation.

But don't try to absorb it all at once. You can strain your muscles with too much laughter! Save some laughter for another day. And, when you receive one of these scam offers, you can post the letter on the forum under "Surplus Scam Letters"; so that 419 members who feel inclined can choose one to pursue! It is quite a show!

They also have a forum section where anyone can help them
legally "disable" the fake banks and lotteries sites that abound on
the internet. What a hoot! Don't miss it!


Thursday, July 28, 2005

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Back in February, during the one-week eBay boycott by eBay sellers protesting significant fee increases, eBay listings fell from 19,000,000 to 12,000,000. Many eBay sellers closed their eBay stores at that time and have relocated at other fee-free or low-fee auction sites.

In May, we revisited the eBay stats, to discover the eBay listings were still hovering at the 12,000,000 level. And this week, another visit to the eBay stats reveals that eBay listings are yet again hovering at the 12,000,000 figure.

The boycott is still having its effect.

Go here to see the eBay stats:

And then go here to see where many these EX eBayers are selling their wares:

Happy Shopping!

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Blogs are a good thing. Blogs allow further communications between
friends and strangers. Blogs are another means of advertising your
wares. As in all things, well intentioned people
can enjoy the interacton of blogs.

However, as in all things, there is another side to the picture.
Here is a report from BBC news:


"Bogus blogs snare fresh victims

Cyber criminals are starting to use fake blogs to snare new victims.

The bogus web journals are being used as traps that infect visitor's
machines with keylogging software or viruses.

Filtering firm Websense said it had found hundreds of bogus blogs
baited with all kinds of malicious software to snare the unwary.

Websense warned that the baited blogs could get past traditional
security measures that try to protect people from malicious

Hidden harm

The company said blogs were being used because they inadvertently
offered lots of help to computer criminals.

Blogs are free and simple to use, offer users lots of storage space,
can be used anonymously and most do not scan stored files for
viruses and other malicious programs.

Websense said it had seen examples of some computer criminals
creating a legitimate looking weblog, loading it with keylogging
software or viral code, and then sending out the address of it
through instant messenger or spam e-mail.

"These aren't the kind of blog websites that someone would stumble
upon and infect their machine accidentally," said Dan Hubbard,
Websense's research director. "The success of these attacks relies
upon a certain level of social engineering to persuade the
individual to click on the link."

In separate cases some blogs were being used as storage lockers
holding chunks of malicious code that the controller of a network of
zombie machines wants those remotely-controlled computers to use.

In late March, Websense found a fake e-mail message that tried to
direct people to a blog that was hosting keylogging software.

Now it estimates that there could be more than 200 bogus blogs in
existence that are being used to attack net users.

By comparison blog-watching service Technorati estimates that there
are more than 8 million blogs in existence.

Anyone visiting the baited blog and falling victim to the keylogger
could find that they have bank accounts rifled by the phishing gang
behind the bogus website.

Websense warned that viruses hosted on weblogs might be a danger
because they get round the filtering systems many firms have created
to ensure malicious programs do not reach employees.

Users were urged to keep anti-virus and patches up to date,
regularly scan machines with anti-spyware products and exercise
caution when reading unsolicited messages sent via e-mail or instant
messenger. "

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2005/04/14 07:20:18 GMT


Just be aware.


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

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Odd-Ball Auction Items

There have been various discussions about "unusual" auction items, as
a way to attract buyers. We all know about the cheese sandwich on
eBay, the traveling T-shirt and others. One lesser known that I came
across on eBay was opened bottles of Chanel #5! Buyers are actually
buying them!

I think the idea is a good one! Every seller should have one "nutty"
listing on each of their auction sites. So I have listed my late
Mother-in-Law's open bottle of Chanel #5 on Yahoo. I have 3 or 4
other Yahoo listings--but this bottle has garnered 10 times more hits
than the others. Go figure!

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Pfaltzgraff Pieces We are Still Looking For

For several years, we have been collecting Pfaltzgraff Gourmet Royale Dinnerware and assessories. There are a few pieces we are still seeking:

1. At least three (3) beer steins -- we only have one! And beer does not taste the same from two straws!

2. A set of four cannisters with covers--each one is a different size--for flour, sugar, coffee and tea.

There may be other pieces we do not yet have, as Pfaltzgraff did not keep a record of the various pieces they produced--at least that is what I was told by their home office in York, Pa. Pfaltzgraff discontinued the Gourmet Royale pattern sometime in the 1980s, so we have been haunting the antique shops in our travels to add to our collection, which started almost fifty years ago when we received a Gourmet Royale starter set as a wedding gift.

There is one Gourmet piece in our collection that we have not been able to identify. We found it in an antique shop near Orlando, Fl a few years ago, but it had no description--see picture above. If anyone has a clue to what this piece is supposed to be used for, please send us a comment. Thanks.

Pfaltzgraff continues to make pottery and dinnerware in many different patterns. To my knowledge, the factory in York, PA is still the only production location; however, you can find Pfaltzgraff factory sales outlets at most of the discount outlet malls around the country. The unique Pfaltzgraff logo, which appears on most items is a "castle". This logo is a representation of the original and ancient Pfaltzgraff location on an island in Germany--a castle, of course! Visitors to Germany can still tour the location, as we understand it.

Vacation Village at Parkway Time Share - Another Great Kissemmee Vacation Location

Living/Dining area at Vacation Village at Parkway, Kissemmee, FL, time share resort. Posted by Picasa

Time Share Resort in Orlando area - Vacation Village at Parkway

Vacation Village at Parkway, Kissemmee, FL - Time Share Resort -- See you there in February 2006! Posted by Picasa

Time Sharing and HAMming it up in Orlando

For several years, we have been traveling to Orlando, FL each year in February for the Annual Orlando Amateur Radio Show, held at the Fairgrounds on Hwy 50. Among the thousands of HAM fests held each year, the Orlando show is in the top ten--in my book, anyway. And since we have several time shares for family use, we have been exchanging and reserving a two-week stay in the Orlando area during this time. The Orlando HAM fest is a 3-day affair, beginning on Friday afternoon and ending on Sunday afternoon. In 2006, the show is scheduled for February 10, 11, and 12.

There is so much to see and do in Orlando that these annual visits never become a bore. And the time share resorts have an abundance of on-site activities, too. Some days we just relax in the pool and hot tub. Other days we might take in an attraction or two. And, of course, Orlando is a great place to escape the Georgia mountain winters for awhile.

In previous years, we have stayed at the Hilton Grand Vacation Club, Orange Lake Country Club, Sheraton Vistana Village, and the Villas at Summer Bay. They have all been exceptionally pleasant experiences. For our two weeks in February 2006, we have just made our reservations at the Vacation Village at Parkway in Kissimmee. This resort is located very near Disney and the Arabian Knights; and we are looking forward to another great time in Orlando.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

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Deep Impact's Top Ten Images

Deep Impact's Top 10 Comet Crash Images
Comets will never look the same now that NASA’s Deep Impact spacecraft has successfully slammed into one of the icy wanderers in full view of orbital observatories, ground-based telescopes and skywatchers around the world.

See the Top Ten Comet Crash Images at:

LOVE IS....By Kim Grove. Available at by copperpenny22  Posted by Picasa