Thursday, May 24, 2007


Summer Solstice to Blue Moon (SS2BM) Campaign - June 21st to 30th 2007. St Elsewhere in Unity Grand Summer Fayre on the web in celebration of independence from eBay Inc.
Following a suggestion from KissMyConfusion, a member at, a Grand Summer Fayre is being organised for online sellers and St Elsewhere auction sites. The object of the promotion is to raise awareness of the myriad of smaller auction site venues and independent website traders across the globe by bringing many together in one promotional event. Independent sellers and sites are asked to unite for this event in order to highlight the variety of shopping experiences available across the world wide web.
A range of banners will be available to auction site sellers and owners and independent web traders for display on their site & auction pages promoting the event. A page will be hosted at in order to co-ordinate the effort.
So get ready to join in the early holiday fun with a little midsummer madness and look around the sites to stock up on bargains for the Summer For more information please visit Summer Solstice to Blue Moon (SS2BM) St Elsewhere Campaign Forum

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