Monday, March 10, 2008

Craigslist Making Gains In Classified Market Share

Traffic to classified advertising site Craigslist has steadily
increased over the past year. Hitwise has an interesting analysis
about the sites growth.

U.S. visits to Craigslist were up 93 percent year over year last week
and in the Hitwise Classifieds category Craiglist properties, grew
137 percent. The site ranked #23 last week based on share of U.S.
Internet visits, up two spots from a month ago and six spots from
three months ago.

Hitwise attributes the growth partly to increased awareness of
Craigslist. Heather Hopkins writes," The search term 'craigslist' was
the fourth highest volume search term last week, based on share of US
Internet searches, beat out only by 'myspace', 'ebay'
and ''. The search term accounted for one in every 357
queries last week. Searches for 'craigslist' overtook searches
for 'youtube' in September and for 'mapquest' in July."

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