Thursday, August 28, 2008


Excerpt from the September issue of "Georgia Section On My Mind":

*** GREAT NEWS--- A few weeks ago, JOHN DAVIS, WB4QDX, our DEC for GA
Public Broadcasting, learned that "GigaParts was accepting proposals
for a complete D-STAR repeater system that they were giving away." As
you may know, John has been working with GA Public Broadcasting to
facilitate the installation of ham equipment at each of the GPB towers
around the state, and one of the goals is to establish a GA ARES D-Star
network by installing D-Star repeaters at each of those sites. So John
and ED WOODRICK, WA4YIH, didn't waste any time. They put together an
excellent proposal, submitted it and hoped for the best. And they GOT
the best! At the Huntsville hamfest, GigaParts announced the winner.
Because of their fine proposal, GigaParts awarded them (and US!) a
complete D-Star repeater system! It will be installed at the WVAN tower
in Pembroke, which as noted in the proposal, "will allow D-STAR voice
and data connectivity to Georgia Emergency Management Agency officials
in Atlanta, South Carolina Emergency Management Division officials in
Columbia and the FEMA Region IV office in Atlanta."

So, thank you, thank you, thank you, to John and Ed for taking the
initiative in putting together this proposal, which will result in
making a very important part of our digital network a reality. Some
people are happy to simply dream dreams, while others take steps to
actually make those dreams come true.

In other D-Star news, ROBIN CUTSHAW, AA4RC, recently installed a
Gateway at the D-Star repeater WX4GPB, which is located on top of Stone
Mountain. That system is now fully operational on 2M, 440, and 1.2 GHz.

Penny, N6HWB
Doug, N3DAB

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