Monday, July 27, 2009

July Sale At Penny's Antiques & Wedgwood Pantry

July Sale At Penny's Antiques & Wedgwood Pantry is almost over!! Order before July 31st!!

From July 1 through July 31, all of our Jewelry items in our catalogue are 10% off.

See these sales and other specials at our CHShops Online Mall Store at: Penny's Antiques & Wedgwood Pantry

Pictured above: Wedgwood Jasperware Egyptian Pendant

New listings this week:
1. Men's Jimmy Connor Tennis Shirt
2. Men's Black Leather Wallet, Never Used
3. Ladies Brass Plated Sleeve Holders
4. John Deere Wind Chime, New in Box
5. Mirrowed Vintage Glass Earrings, Rainbow Colors
6. Tupperware Pie Plate

Penny and Doug
Penny's Antiques & Wedgwood Pantry

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