Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Tuesday's Twitter

Here are our Tuesday's Twitter entries, some hillarious, some not so. Browse and enjoy!

RT @ChadTEverson Grizzly Groundswell Obama, give Acorn a tobacco smoke enema – not me!: Obama,.. Grizzly Groundswell #Grizzly

Canadian Health Care. Is this what you want in the US?

RT @fleckman Lives Shattered by Government-Run Health Care - Lives Shattered HT @RedState #publicoption #fail #tcot #tlot #p2 |Dump HC!

RT @LaurieBailey LMAO O's Address 2 schoolkids: Ole MCBama had a farm EIEIO. Here a Czar, there a Czar, Everywhere a Czar-Czar. EIEIO #tcot

RT @augustine25 Obama was a Marxist socialist when I met him in the fall of 1980. Obama Marxist Socialist #tcot #tlot #a25ot #sgp

RT @the1klamb Ha... the Marines reaction to Pres. Bush VS Pres. Obama: Marines Reaction

The Day The Eagle Cried The Day The Eagle Cried Join them 4 24hr walk 2 remember lives lost on 9/11 & in the name of Freedom.

Compromises on HC just water down an already bad bill."band of six" need to scratch the whole thing and start over. Try tort reform first.

The Federal Govt doesn't need 2 B in the housing business!! Low Income Housing. Enough already!

RT @M_A_F Makes you wonder what they have 2 hide? Why would the DoD deny Michigan officials a visit Gitmo when they... DOD Deny Gitmo Visit

We must do this. Limit all U.S. politicians to two terms: One in office and one in prison! Illinois Already Does This.

RT @NorsU Obama Positioning For Backdoor Gun Control #tcot #hc09 Backdoor Gun Control

For your entertainment: Extreme Sheperding

Watching GA Rep Dr Tom Price on HC: Tom Price On HC

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