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Get Me A Google Number 1 SEO Rank

Posted by seodesignonline on November 11, 2009

Over the last couple of months we’ve had a lot of interest from individuals and organizations with existing websites keen to reach the Holy Grail of internet marketing, or to put it into my customers words “getting to the top of Google (…and making money from it)”. There are numerous “SEO, or Search Engine Optimization experts” out on the web and some 37 million entries in Its a hot topic and now more than ever with the global downturn, businesses large and small are looking to the digital world for a cheap quick fix.

Not being the one to bite the hand that feeds, I have come to realize that a bit of gnawing actually does no harm either. What do I mean by that you ask?! Well let’s just say that in my experience a certain amount of realigning of customer expectations needs to happen when it comes to SEO. Whilst yes it is possible to get a site ranked highly in Google (and we have demonstrated this with our customers) there really is no quick fix and no cast iron guarantee either. Whilst the customers search for their elusive number ones so too do the SEOs, keen to tap into the secrets of the Google search algorithm. Sites offering immediate rankings and guaranteed results really do need to be approached with caution: a case in point is the Google Money Tree, which unlike its name has absolutely no affiliation with Google whatsoever. But still people have been duped and will continue to be when the product or company offering the service looks genuine, has a nice professional site and says all the things you are looking for. It’s marketing…dubious marketing, but it appears to work.

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