Monday, January 24, 2005

eBay Stores

Ever since eBay announced increased fees recently, the message boards all over the web have been buzzing; and thousands of protesting eBay store owners are making plans to move to more seller-friendly auction sites. One site alone,, has received over 2000 requests for store and auction space.

The new, increased eBay fees are scheduled to go into effect on or about February 18. Based on the news reports, some increases are as much as 60%; and many eBay store owners are saying that they can no longer make a reasonable profit on eBay.

I have only operated an eBay store for about 4 months, after leaving another auction site, after having been there for about 4 years, and that had just increased their fees! So now I am faced with yet another move and another increase, since the eBay increases will just about match the costs at my previous auction site. My sales on eBay have not really been much better than previous; so, I have nothing to lose by moving again. This time I think I will spread around my antique Wedgwood, Pfaltzgraff, old lamps, 50's collectibles, Amateur Radio gear, Time Share Rentals, and other goodies to several different auction and store sites that either do not charge listing fees or have minimal charges.

Some of these sites will be:

I will be researching others as the days go by. In the meantime, my store is still operating at on eBay (for now). Check in for regular updates.


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