Friday, May 13, 2005


Hey, all,
Just had to pass this along to all of you, in case you hadn't heard.
Tonight.... that's Friday, May 13th, there will be an interesting competition featured on the Tonight Show that sounds worth missing your usual early to bed routine so you can stay up and watch the fun.
There's going to be a competition on message sending and receiving between a couple of seasoned CW operators and another team using cell phone text messaging. Representing amateur radio will be the team of CHIP MARGELLI, K7JA, and KEN MILLER, K6CTW, avid contesters and DX-peiditioners. I heard that a similar contest was held in Australia, and the CW operators won hands-down. Dunno about you, but my money's on the CW ops winning another one tonight....
While I have you ear, (eye?) let me also mention that another GA ham was recently stopped by a law officer for talking on his radio. The officer saw his ham tag and noticed him talking on the radio, and seemed to think that was reason enough to pull him over. However, the ham he pulled over is a lawyer, and he knows his laws. He politely suggested to the officer that he check his book of GA laws for Code Section 40-6-241 before writing a ticket. The officer went to his vehicle and spent a few minutes checking his book, and ended up telling our ham friend to "have a nice day" and went on his merry way. Point
is: this ham was privvy to the laws? Are YOU? Or would you have meekly accepted a ticket from this officer? Check our website for the applicable law. Be aware. Maybe keep a copy of this law in your car, just in case. And, please, be polite. The law provides for "proper use" of a radio, which requires "due care" while driving. So, if you drive unsafely, whether talking on the radio or not, you will not be exempt from getting a ticket. But be smart; be careful; and be aware.
Until next time, this is AF4FO, signing clear. Take care of yourselves.
And each other. 73, Susan

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