Saturday, May 28, 2005


Hello All:

There is a link to a website where if you type in your first and last name
and pick the state you live in, it will pull up your address or your parents
address with your birthdate or birth year. It also has options where you
can obtain maps to that person's house. And for $20.00, they will provide
a background check to anybody that requests it!

The link is In order to request your information be
deleted from their database you need to send an e-mail too

This is disturbing to know that all someone needs is your name and home
state and they can find out your birth year and your address and even have
resources provided to them to find it.

In addition, when you send them an email request to be deleted, you get an
automated email message saying that you have to put your request in writing.
Surely, something should be done to stop this nonsense. See the linked article
for one legal opinion.

Anybody have any good ideas?

And pass it on!

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