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Disgracing the memories of American heroes
Posted: February 23, 20071:00 a.m. Eastern
By Melanie Morgan
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The most unseemly members of the anti-war contingent have showed us their colors by dishonoring and disgracing war memorials all across the continent. On Saturday, March 17, anti-war activists plan a giant march in protest of Operation Iraqi Freedom by gathering near the Vietnam Wall, and many veterans groups fear that the anti-American, anti-military ranks of ANSWER (who are organizing the anti-war event) might repeat their offensive behavior again.
You can understand why veterans groups are so nervous when you look at the recent rash of vandalism and desecration against our veterans and war memorials. In a late January anti-war rally, a contingent of protesters broke off and spray painted the U.S. Capitol building and steps with anti-war and anarchist messages and slogans. Anti-war protesters spray painted anti-Bush slogans and smashed glass panels at the Medal of Honor Monument in Indianapolis, Ind. In Boise, Idaho, the son of a Democratic state senator was accused of vandalizing flagpoles and desecrating flags at the State Capitol. The flags are memorials to soldiers who lost their lives in the war on terror. In Pennsylvania, someone attacked the South Connellsville War Memorial, destroying the lighting grid at the monument. Another war memorial was desecrated in Vermont. A Vietnam memorial was vandalized in Chicago. The list just goes on and on.

There's something that patriotic Americans – including YOU – can do to counter the negativity, defeatism and vandalism of the anti-war left. On Saturday, March 17, veterans groups, pro-troop organizations and patriotic Americans will conduct their own event: The Gathering of Eagles. This event has been organized by some of the most decent and honorable people such as Vietnam veterans Col. Harry Riley and Capt. Larry Bailey. It's time for those who support the men and women of the United States military to do something positive, uplifting and patriotic to send a message to our nation's leaders that we will not sit back and allow the missions of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan to be undermined any further.

The nation's largest grass-roots pro-troop organization, Move America Forward (an organization for which I serve as chairman) will do its part by organizing a caravan of patriotic Americans to head across this nation. The caravan is called "These Colors Don't Run," and we will be conducting pro-troop rallies at our stops across the nation. At each stop we will ask participants to bring an American flag (or several American flags). We will then erect a giant sea of flags – a sort of "Flag City" if you will – on the Capitol Mall in Washington, D.C., during the "Gathering of Eagles" rally. We will then send each flag flown during this event to a serviceman or servicewoman who is stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan. With each flag will be a placard with a picture of the event and an explanation of how this event was conducted to show our troops that Americans still stand behind them and wish them success in their missions.

Please find the city closest to you that we will be traveling to, and find a way to join us. Team up with others in your area to form a "mini-caravan" that heads to one of our pro-troop rally stops and then merge with us as we continue on the trek to Washington, D.C. The caravan route map and schedule can be found online at the Move America Forward website. Parents who have a son or daughter serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, as well as the parents of troops who were killed in either Iraq or Afghanistan will lead the caravan.

These people are some of the finest, most decent Americans you will ever meet. They want to meet as many people as possible at these rally stops across the nation. So please, do whatever you can to make this event a success. Get out to the rally locations, join the caravan (and decorate your car red, white and blue if possible), and be sure to bring a flag or multiple flags to our rally stops. We'll display them proudly in Washington, D.C., and then make sure they get sent over to the heroic men and women serving on the frontlines in the war on terrorism.

The anti-war crowd has shown their true colors. They dishonor and degrade all that is great about America, and this nation's standing as the bastion of freedom and liberty. Now it's time to show the rest of this nation and the world the "other" side of America – that which celebrates this nation and the men and women who defend us, and keep the torch of liberty alive shining brightly.

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