Thursday, September 11, 2008

OnLine Shopping Malls

OnLine Shopping Malls
Since the first boycott of eBay in February 2005, due to increases in
eBay fees and other member restrictions, many former eBay Sellers
turned to upstart alternative auction/marketplace sites, in hopes of
nurturing a "new eBay",finding a home for their wares, and a place
where they could economically do busines.

A few alternative sites have faired well; but most disgrundled
Sellers have found that the bulk of the Buyers still have not
migrated from eBay; and that sales, for the most part, on the
alternative sites have been dismall.

As a result many Sellers, searching for their niche, have decided to
open their own independent website store. Developing a website can
be challenging; but very rewarding. There are hundreds of Online
Mall sites to choose from. Here are a few that I think are promising:


Check them out and see if they can satisfy your buying and selling needs.

Join me at:

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