Saturday, November 22, 2008

Celebrate Victory In Iraq Day Today, November 22, 2008
Here's One Way to Celebrate -- Support our Troops
How You Can Support Our Military

Care packages are a great way for us "at home folks" to support our military, especially those serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have been doing just that for some time through the project. In the Anysoldier program, a deployed soldier, sailor, marine, or coastguardsman can sign up to represent his/her group. Then we at home can request an address(s) from AnySoldier in order to send a package, which the recipient shares with his/her group. The Soldier posts a note every month or so on AnySoldier, detailing exactly what their needs are at the time. That way, we can send them just what they need--and their needs vary from A to Z depending on where they are located. The USPS is supporting this care package effort by providing specially priced priority mail boxes for APO addresses.

Another project we support is You can drop your old cell phones off at any participating AT&T store--they recycle them and donate proceeds to this project. Another way you can support BOTH AnySoldier and Cellphones is to get an address from AnySoldier of someone who is requesting phone cards. Then pass this address on to the phone card project, because they cannot, by law, request military addresses directly. But they can accept the address from you; and will send the phone card(s) directly the to APO address provided. Then, follow up with a care package to that same address, because the AnySoldier Program requests that if you ask for an address, you should follow through with a package.

Another project we support is They support our wounded troops--from the battlefield to their bedside. WWP sends Transitional Care Packs to medical units in Iraq and Afghanistan. When called for support upon their return home - WWP provides Backpacks and Peer Mentoring at the bedside. WWP developed a comprehensive adaptive and outdoor sports and recreation program for wounded warriors. When called to relieve financial burdens, WWP spearheaded the creation of a new insurance benefit that to date has paid over $160 million to the wounded and their families.

There are many other worthy military support groups--but these are at the top of our list.

God Bless our Troops and God Bless America.


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Stewart McElroy said...

Hi Penny! Thanks for the great post. Have you heard of Operation Phone Card? Any thoughts on their efforts to help support the troops?

- SM

K said...

I think care packages with phone cards in them is a great idea!