Friday, November 07, 2008

Yahoo is Up for Sale

Yahoo chief executive Jerry Yang claims the company is open to a
Microsoft offer, just hours after its Google ads deal fell through.
Speaking at the Web 2.0 Summit hours after archrival Google ditched
its search advertising partnership with Yahoo, Yang said he remains
open to selling the internet company to Microsoft, but at the right

"To this day, I have to say that the best thing for Microsoft to do
is to buy Yahoo. I don't think that is a bad idea at the
right price, whatever the price is, we are willing to sell the
company," he said.

"We were ready to negotiate, we wanted to negotiate a deal, and we
felt that we weren't that far apart. But at the end of the day, they
withdrew and they since have been very clear about not wanting to buy
the company."

Microsoft had offered to buy Yahoo's search business after
withdrawing an offer for the whole company in May.

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