Tuesday, February 03, 2009

eBay begins to enforce paperless payments policy

eBay.com has begun blocking listings which offer to accept paper
payments. The new Accepted Payments Policy was introduced on 20th
October 2008, but sellers were given a grace period up to 15th
January 2009 to update their listings.

eBay say they've started blocking "based on descriptions where
sellers are most likely to still have violating text, and where we
are confident our filters have high accuracy". In other words if your
listing still offers to accept checks (cheques for our UK readers )
or money orders you won't be able to list them.

eBay will scan sellers additional checkout instructions (additional
payment instructions in the UK) to start with as that's the most
likely place sellers will mention payment methods. They'll then step
up their filters to scan listing descriptions as well when
determining which listings to block.

Sellers should be reassured that eBay's filters are intelligent
enough to differentiate between "check out my Store" and "personal
check", although I'd probably recommend you don't include text
like "We don't accept personal checks" as that might be filtered

See entire article here: http://www.tamebay. com/2009/ 01/ebay-begin-
to-enforce-paperles s-payments- policy.html

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