Saturday, February 07, 2009

Many Ways To Support Our Troops, Part V

Counseling and Other Relief and Support Organizations

The following organizations provide a wide range of services and support for our troops and wounded veterans including counseling, financial support, housing, emergency services and more:

Air Force Aid Society - Official support and relief organization for Air Force servicemembers, veterans, and families.

American Legion - Organizes blood donation, volunteer networks, purchase flags of support, and more.

The Armed Forces Foundation - Provides support and education help to our troops.

Armed Forces Relief Trust - Combination of the major military relief societies takes donations to help servicemembers.

Armed Services YMCA - Provides educational, recreational, social and religious support to the military.

Army Emergency Relief - Official support and relief organization for Army servicemembers, veterans, and families.

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance - Major support and relief organization for Coast Guard servicemembers, veterans, and families.

Enduring Freedom K.I.A. Fund - Gives financial aid to families of servicemembers killed in action.

Fallen Patriot Fund - Accepts donations to send to families of those who fell in combat.

Freedom Calls Foundation - Contribute to videoconferencing facilities that put servicemembers in touch with their families.

Freedom Fund - Send letters of thanks to the troops, or donate to funds that support deploying servicemembers.

Global War on Terrorism Veterans In Need - Provides support programs for returning disabled servicemembers.

The Home Front Cares - Provides support for the Pikes Peak Region's military families of all services by distributing funds, goods and services to needy families.

Homes for Our Troops - Assists injured veterans and their families by building new or adapting existing homes for handicapped accessibility.

Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund - Fund provides unrestricted grants to the families of military personnel who have given their lives in the current operations in defense of our country.

Military Pets Foster Project - Nationwide network of foster homes cares for the pets of deployed personnel.

Navy/Marine Relief Society - Official support and relief organization for Navy servicemembers, veterans, and families.

Operation Child Care - Provides child care services for the families of Reserve and National Guard members.

Operation Hero Miles - Donate your unused frequent flyer files to servicemembers.

Sacred Heart Lodge - Provides a cost free hassle free vacation to those Soldier's who are returning from War to reconnect to their Families.

Special Operations Warrior Foundation - Provides college scholarship grants, financial aid and educational counseling to the children of Special Operations personnel killed in an operational mission or training accident.

The Survivors of Servicemembers SOS Fund - Provides funds to families who have lost a loved one in Iraq.

The Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) - Provides services and support for survivors of late servicemembers.

Unmet Needs - Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) program donates money to help with military families' financial necessities.

Veterans and Families - Sacramento, California-based organization is building support services for returning veterans.

Veterans of Foreign Wars - Features a full range of veteran services and advocacy programs.

Wounded Warriors Fund - Donates everything from phone cards to TVs to wounded soldiers.

Yellow Ribbon America - Show your support with a yellow ribbon.
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