Thursday, April 16, 2009

April Sale At Penny's Antiques & Wedgwood Pantry

April Month-Long Sale at Penny's Antiques & Wedgwood Pantry
GREAT NEWS! From April 1 through April 30, ALL items in our CHShops Mall online store will be 10% off the listed price.

See all the bargains at:Penny's Antiques & Wedgwood Pantry

Pictures above: Vintage Pottery Condiment Jar with metal clasp on lid. Circa 1940's or earlier.

Penny and Doug
Penny's Antiques & Wedgwood Pantry

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1 comment:

Diana's said...

I LOVE those condiment jars !
I use them for storing my herbs that I grew and dried.
They keep the herbs clean and keep the light away from them so they last longer and retain their wonderful properties too.

Organically Yours,