Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August HAMfest Update

Ellijay Amateur Radio Society Hamfest a big success! Billed as the "biggest little hamfest in Georgia", preliminary count indicates at least a 25% increase in attendance.

All the vendors and bone yard participants seemed to be happy with the results they achieved and said they would return next year. Accolades were heard from many about the two presentations on D-STAR and Lightning Protection; and tests were given for HAM licensing. Great going guys!!! Other members have reported hearing complements from attendees. Some said it is the friendliest ham fest around and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

Much, if not all, of this positive response is due in no small part to the efforts the EARS members put out whether inside or outside, where it was especially hot and tiring.

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The Huntsville Amateur Radio Club Hamfest another big success! Held in the North Hall and the Arena of the Huntsville Civic Center, attendance was up by several hundred from last year's event. Vendor's were treated to coffee and donuts in the morning and a catered lunch from Honey Baked Ham for both days of the annual event.

This hamfest is one of the largest in the USA and vendors and guests travel from all over the country to attend. Another bonus is the fact that the entire hamfest, including the bone yard, is held indoors!

Several interesting forums were enjoyed by attendees and tests for HAM licensing were held.

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