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Bing SEO Tips (Or Should it be DEO Tips?)

Bing SEO Tips (Or Should it be DEO Tips?)
June 9, 2009 by Stephen Kersey

With the release of Bing, one of the first things online marketers want to know is how to get their websites to the top of the search engine results page. After testing Bing.com for the last few days, I’ve noticed some Bing SEO tips
that should help those marketers get noticed on Bing.

(However, considering that Bing claims to be a decision engine rather than a search engine, perhaps these Bing Search Engine Optimization tips should actually be Bing Decision Engine Optimization tips.)

Here are the Bing SEO tips:

1. Domain Age is Key
Bing appears to put a lot of stock into how long ago a domain was registered. For marketers, this means that you may look to purchase older domains if you want to get on good position in Bing.

2. Text Rules
On most search engines, the amount of text on the page usually isn’t usually a huge factor. However, Bing appears to really like pages with at least 300 words of text.

3. Link Out
With Google especially, some marketers are scared to link out to other websites because they don’t want their Page Rank to be lowered. On Bing, linking out actually appears to be smiled upon.

4. Bad News for Bloggers
Google seems to appreciate the blogosphere more than Bing. This is especially true when recent news events occur and bloggers battle with major websites for space on the search engine results page.

5. Bing Loves Titles
If you want to make it to the top of Bing, be sure to have a title that correlates to the subject at hand. Without following this SEO tip (or is a DEO tip?), your other efforts may be lost.
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