Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tuesday's Twitter

Here are this week's Tuesday's Twitters--some funny, some not so:

hmmmm... why couldn't obama have been in that balloon and just floated away?

How Cap-and-Trade Is Like Ritual Self-Flagellation Cap&Trade

When Al Gore dies, I hope it's weather related.

Thousands protest Obama in San Francisco... Protest Obama in SF

President Pinocchio on drilling and nukes Pres Pinocchio

Photo of the actual strap-on attachment found in handle of Pelosi's broomstick: Pelosi's Broomstick LMAO


Marriage is a three ring circus: engagement ring, wedding ring, and suffering. ~ Anonymous funny

Obama goes to San Francisco and a tea party breaks out! SF Tea Party

The 1st of many videos to come. good job -- ACTIVE: CNN Protest 10-17-09 CNN Protest

Between an administration that appears to be a nest of Maoist mice and the EARS I am now nicknaming BHO, Mickey Maoist.

"Brains are like mouths; when empty they blather, when full they digest." mmm mmm mmm can think of quite a few!

White House admits: We 'control' news media... WH Controls News

PJTV's HICKS FILE Terror in a Community Organized by Obama: Speeches Won't Defeat Thug Culture (Warning: Graphic)Thug Culture

Congress Contact Info Congress Contact Who's on Twitter? & follow @tweetcongress

Monckton sued 2 stop AlGore’sfilm“AnInconvenientTruth”from being shown in Brit schools due 2 inaccuracies.Judge agreed Gore Film Sued

Vote Out Are u kidding me? We need to vote this regime out. Americans this is no longer political

HA HA HA! Save OBAMA! Get him a VETTER CZAR! Oh geez...I thought you said, “Save Obama - get him a better car”!

Shepard Fairey's new Anita Dunn poster Dunn Poster

Oath Keepers Teams Up w 912 Project 2 Host Nat'l LibertyUnitySummit Dec15-16 2009 Nat'l Liberty Unity Summit

O'nads How do you expect to protect America or our troops when you can't even turn on the water?

Carville sees conservatives as alien creatures Washington Examiner: Alien Creatures | Is Mary alien,too?

WH Brags that Economic Stimulus ‘Saved or Created’ 250,000, while 2.35 million were lost. Hmmm ?? Created Jobs?

Save The Newspapers? Why? Fish Wrappers Cuz you can't wrap fish in the internet.

Most awesomeist bit of activism ever conceived of: Awesome Activism

Obama and Indecision. But I repeat myself.

Seniors & the magical $250 bribe: Bribe Make SS wages tax exempt instead!

Obama's definition of bipartisanship seems to consist of one Snowe-flake.

Official attacking network, anti-'birther' lawyer a couple A Couple

Let the Circus begin. Senate OKs transfer of Gitmo prisoners to U.S. for trials The Circus Begins

@RealSheriffJoe News Release Sheriff Joe

ACORN Busted Again busted again!!!! Philly tape - Lol at Acorn "You Lie"

BREAKING: SEIU Local 880 (Chicago) Is ACORN. In their own words: SEIU is ACORN

10 freakin months &Obama just now recognizes there r millions of small businesses n need of creating more JOBS. ON the BALL there BARRY!

Ignore the Socialists Behind the Curtain! - Neil_Stevens’s blog Behind the Curtain

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Alan Grayson: Fox News, GOP are the enemies of America, peace, puppies Enemies

Uh oh! Not good for HCR Nazis. Thumbs Down


how dumb... how cowardly... Dumb

Operation Rushbo, Fox News & BO's Politics of Hate American Thinker American Thinker

wrong thinking... danger... profit... Wrong

Maybe if we can stall HCR until winter we can keep Snowe from melting again.

LMAO!! Best line of the night goes to Dennis Miller: "They've decided to surge against Fox but not in Afghanistan."

NWV News - Congress Moves To Control All U.S. Water Water Control


Oh my God...Our president has had an O'botomy !

Water War--The new American slave - Water War

Breaking News:ToysrUs says #1 selling puppet in America is"The Obama"puppet.||Does he come with strings attached?

Charles Freaking Krauthammer OBLITERATES Barack Obama's War on FOX News -- WOW!!! Krauthammer

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