Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Unusual Antiques Auctions From Kovel's Komments

A matching pair of cloisonne vases was among hundreds of unclaimed items abandoned in a Connecticut storage facility and put up for auction on Jan. 30. The vases, estimated to bring about $2,000, auctioned for $52,900. Most of the proceeds went toward paying storage bills. A London bidder and a member of the audience fought for the vases until the London bidder bowed out. So the vases went to the person bidding live at the Nest Egg auction in Meriden, Connecticut.

George Washington's personal map of the Battle of Yorktown, which descended through the family of an aide to Washington, was auctioned two weeks ago. It brought $1.15 million at James Julia Auctions in Maine. That set a record for an American map and was possibly the most expensive map sold anywhere.

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