Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Here is an interesting article about Tobacciana:

Kovel: "'Tobacciana' Are Smoking-Hot Collectibles"

I'm sure collectibles expert, Terry Kovel, is correct about that trend.

Also, the wide variety, availability, & low cost of smoking-related items -- tobacciana -- makes them easily within reach.

Kovel provides helpful history about these collectibles:

"Smoking was an important part of the life of a well-to-do gentleman in the 19th century. A cigar after dinner was routine. Smoking paraphernalia was created not only to be useful but also to show off wealth.

"Collectors today still search for all kinds of tobacco-related items, although smoking has lost favor. Pipes, ashtrays, cigar holders, lighters, cigarette or cigar cases, cigarette or cigar boxes, cigarette dispensers and smoking stands are collected.

See entire article at: The Collecting Gene

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