Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Tuesday's Twitter

Here's more Tuesday's Twitter--some funny--some not so!  Enjoy!
FDA says we don't have fundamental right 2 obtain any food we wish Tell your Reps 2 reject S510 reconciliation.

No matter how much you push the evelope, it'll remain stationery.

Jindall: We paid farmers not 2 grow crops--why not pay congress not 2 pass laws! LOL

Gropings Are For the Little People… Hillary Clinton Says She Would Avoid TSA Pat Down (Video)

The Constitution shall never be construed.. to prevent the people who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms. Samuel Adams

Of Elephants and Mouseholes How EPA Could Revive Cap-and-Trade Get involved stop the Dream Act- Americas Nightmare!!!!

Could Anything Be More Meaningless Than Warren Buffett Calling for Higher Taxes?

Monitoring Texas Border from our home computer: U can, 2.Make your choice of 20+ cameras.Help control TX border!

Government At Work: Groping Children Is Preferable to Perceived Profiling

Remembering: Welcome to Maywood, Mexico CA becoming the Greece of the USA

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” - Benjamin Franklin

Obama’s Jeffersonian Muslim Revisionist Lie - HUMAN EVENTS via @humanevents "the alternate universe of the Ø admin."

UK Muslim schools teach kids antisemitism, homophobia-Bks advocate executn for gays, says Jews are animals

Passengers Find Misery Loves Company on Airport Security Websites:

2 questions: 1- Who has the top airport security in the world? 2- Does Israel stripsearch or grope passengers? I rest my case.

Madame Secretary, Would You Let the TSA Touch Your Junk?

Libs plan a cookbook LameDuck 2 serve US 4 Thanksgiving & Christmas Let's make them"Serve"We The People!

The DREAM Act is a NIGHTMARE! NO amnesty--Border Security FIRST!

Letterman: Thanksgiving is not until Thurs. But if you're not in line at airport security by now,you're too late. Never make it!

Christie: All Sen. Lautenberg does is 'blow hot air'

Denying Americans Their Own Energy: What kind of government deliberately denies its citizens access to the energ...

Why COICA a Internet Censorship bill must be stopped,& what you can do about it. (Updated):

Countrywide + Fannie Mae = Subprime slime

Senate GOP letter to Reid – nothing else until action on funding govt & tax cuts -call & thank the GOP 202-224-312...

As I grow older I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do. ~ Andrew Carnegie

Hypocrisy with a side of bias: NYT publishes WikiLeaks documents, refused to publish CRU emails prov

Muslim girl killed 4 love affair w/Hindu because Islam is so peaceful

Former Gov Spitzer: Too Many 2012 Republican Contenders at Fox (Is Client #9 worried about their honor?)

Obama's off-again, on-again, off-again oil drilling moratorium is back on -- again

5 Ways to Fix the TSA Pat Down Problem Congress, can you hear us now? #tweetcongress

Mayberry Misleads on Medicare $3M in taxpayer funds used 2 produce & air the faulty advertisements

Big Sis Has Her Hands Down Our Pants, But Julian Assange is Free?:


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Quote of the Day:
"In reality there is perhaps no one of our natural Passions so hard to subdue as Pride. Disguise it, struggle with it, beat it down, stifle it, mortify it as much as one pleases, it is still alive, and will now and then peek out and show itself." --Benjamin Franklin, Autobiography, 1771

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