Monday, December 22, 2008

Wedgwood Jewelry is now in Penny's Pantry

Wedgwood Jewelry has long been considered the epitome of refined jewelry. It lends dignity and a level of sophistication to the appearance of the man or woman who wears it.
Wedgwood Jewelry used to be very hard to find. Before the advent of Online Shopping, collectors went to estate auctions, antique shops, bazaars, flea markets and jewelry stores to find them. Collectors had to "settle" for only those pieces they could find readily, and pay the price asked for them. Not any more. Thanks to Online Shopping Malls and Markets, collectors can now choose from many more Wedgwood items, at a variety of prices, and increase their collections.

Pictured Above: Wedgwood Jasperware Gold Filled Egyptian Pendant, Circa 1977

We now have Wedgwood Vintage Jewelry in our Mall Store at:


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