Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This Month In History - Veterans Day


Veterans Day: This week, we celebrated Veterans Day. For some, Veterans Day represents a day off from work. For others, it’s not even a holiday…it’s just another weekday. And for yet others, the day recalls a passing awareness of significance, but not much beyond that.

But for the true American patriots among us, the day evokes a very deep and personal reverence. It combines elements of pride and sadness, and—always—respect. It is a sacred day, set aside to remember service, honor, bravery, duty, and sacrifice for the greater good. It is a day to remember those who served and are serving, so that we may enjoy the life and the freedom we have today.

For all those brave men and women that Veterans Day honors, we say “thank you” for your sacrifice and your service to our great country.

Penny and Doug

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Quote of the Day:
If not for the Military, there would be no USA!

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