Saturday, November 13, 2010

Timesharing at Vacation Club International

This week we are highlighting Vacation Club International Timeshare Resort.
Vacation Club International is a quiet lakefront resort located in the Land Between The Lakes region at Canton, KY., approximately 1 hour 30 minutes northwest of Nashville, TN.

Vacation Club International is a small complex of 2 bedroom condos with full kitchen and dining area. The condos have a screened porch off the dining area for your enjoyment. Each units sleep 6 persons. Amenities on property include outdoor pool, indoor hot tub, game room, and VCR/DVD cassette players.  The resort has a Saturday check in procedure. 
The crowning feature of this resort is its location, fronting on the beautiful Lake Barkley, one of the two lakes which form the Land Between the Lakes.  A great location for a vacation of boating and water activities.

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