Sunday, February 24, 2008

PLUNDERHERE.COM REACHES 60,000 LISTINGS Reaches 60,000 Listings

The Online Auction making the most noise right now has to be which has grown in listings since May 2007 from 20,000 listings to an impressive 62,000 listings in February 2008. In several independent polls on powersellers unite, usersconsistently vote either top or amongst the top of the alternative to eBay auction marketplaces.

Recent growth has come compliments of eBay upsetting a largepercentage of its user base and eBay sellers have been migrating to alternative selling venues in their thousands. Plunderhere is pleased to welcome these new sellers with open arms. If you need a place to sell your items and get noticed on a site receiving over 5 million hits per month then Plunderhere is for you. Users can enjoy outstanding customer support either through the admin or through the forums whereby experienced moderators and sellers are always on hand to support your needs.

Extensive external marketing is the key to succeeding online and Plunderhere achieves that by listing and promoting all auctions on many different places including Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bidhopper and Really Smart Deals. Free eStores and listings forever is the motto of the site so join today and get your items selling or simply drop by to enjoy the easy buying experience.

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