Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This quote is from the forum:

"There has been a lot of noise going around about an eBay Boycott Feb. 18th - 25th.

Sellers that survived the all the other eBay fee increases will remember that there was a boycott every time. I will be supporting the ebay boycott again because we need to show them all the angry sellers out there. Maybe if it weren’t for the past boycotts, ebay forum posts, blogs, and anti-ebay sites ebay would be raising fees every year instead of every couple. eBay did hear us on their 2005 fee increase when they raised store fees to $15 a month. After a lot of protest they gave all storeowners a free month. If you add up all the ebay stores that is a HUGE one time total savings for all storeowners.

This boycott will give sellers one week off ebay in which I encourage them to take the time to try out all the alternative auction sites available or start there own ecommerce store. Things are only going to get worse on ebay so this would be a good time to seek alternatives. Lets keep a close eye on the auction site count and make their listings drop during the boycott. "

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