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Feb 1, 2008

Well, here we are at the Outer Banks Beach Club II, a timeshare resort complex at Kill Devil Hills, NC. I'm sure February is not the best time of year to enjoy this facility; but, then again, you don't have to worry about the "crowd"!

We arrived in the dead of night last Sunday, along with the wind and cold weather--30 degrees by my car's outside thermometer. The next morning, there were surfers out on the ocean's cold, angry waves. However, on Tuesday morning we were pleasantly surprised by the sun's appearance; and by afternoon, the sparse visitors to this oceanfront resort were walking around in their shirt sleeves. We are on the 3rd floor and have a magnificent view of the Atlantic Ocean, just beyond the high dunes that comprise the only object between us and the water's edge at high tide.

The Outer Banks Beach Club II is an RCI Gold Crown Resort. It is an older resort and less plush than some newer ones we have visited; but the accommodations are nice and the view is outstanding!

Tomorrow we will dig out the digital camera and take some shots of the ocean view.

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