Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Thank You" POTUS Twitters

POTUS wants us to thank him!

These are special "Thank You" POTUS Twitters--some funny--some not so.

Obama Mocks Tea Partiers: ‘You Would Think They’d Be Saying Thank You’ Tea Partiers only on planet marxist, pal!

Thank You Obama for promising to let Bush tax cuts expire so we will ALL have our wealth spread around even more.

Thank You Obama for ending Bart Stupak's Congressional career.

Thank You Obama for waking up WeThePeople aka THE SLEEPING GIANT!!!!

Thank You Obama for sending out impeached and disgraced Bill Clinton to smear teaparty patriots.

Thank You Obama for encouraging Steve Belosi Dem Official Truther & Code Pink Contributor to incite violence at Tea Party event.

Thank You Obama for spending ONE TRILLION DOLLARS to keep unemployment under 8%.

Thank You Obama for making me realize that I have NOTHING to thank you for!

YouTube - Rush: Thank you Mr. President: Thank You!

Thank You Obama For showing millions of people what a strong and classy president looks like -- President Bush.

Thank You Obama for relentlessly criticizing Israel and preparing to abandon our best friend in Middle East.

Thank You Obama for withholding evidence from Congress on the Ft Hood Masacre by an Islamic Terrorist.

Thank You Obama for making me feel good about myself because I DIDN'T vote for you or the destruction of USA!

Thank You Obama for the defeat of the Kennedy Dynasty!

Thank You Obama for November 2010!

Penny and Doug
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Quote of the Day:
"Charity is no part of the legislative duty of the government." --James Madison

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