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Westmorland Glass Company, Part II of II

Westmoreland Glass Company, Continued

Other Westmoreland Wares

Westmoreland is clearly best known for its milk glass, with 90 percent of the glass produced from the 1920s through the 1950s having the milky white hue. However, in the 1920's the company did make limited selections of high quality decorated glass and crystal, including hen on nest dishes made in a variety of colors in addition to milk glass. Even into the 1950s, limited amounts of amber, blue, green, pink and brown glass left the Westmoreland factory.

Westmoreland’s Later Years

In 1981 ownership of Westmoreland was purchased by Dave Grossman, according to the National Westmoreland Glass Collectors Club. On May 21, 1984, the Westmoreland Glass Company closed its doors just a few years shy of its 100 year anniversary.

The Westmoreland molds were sold to a number of other glass manufacturers including Summit Art Glass, Viking Glass, Blenko and a number of others. Some of the molds are still being utilized today in glass manufacture. For a more comprehensive list of companies that purchased Westmoreland molds, refer to the Newbound’s milk glass identification and value guide.
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