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About Turquoise Rings

Turquoise Ring Guide

While bracelets are worn to draw attention to the hand, it is the ring that keeps the attention there. Unlike other forms of jewelry, the ring's aesthetics are not the primary reason for its popularity. They symbolize a multitude of events: from marriage and engagement, to friendship, to social affiliations. Turquoise has often been added to rings to strengthen the values the ring symbolized. Today, the desire for turquoise rings is growing as people strive for distinctive and exotic styles.

Turquoise Band Rings
The simple structure of the band made it the first style of ring to be made. Bands were initially crafted from bone, shell, and other soft items; today, they are made using metal, plastic, glass, and wood. Though the materials changed, the structure has stayed the same. Common styles of a band are plain metal, metal with designing or etching, and metal with inlaid stone. With silver as the base, turquoise is one of the most popular stones for band inlay. Not only do silver and turquoise complement each other, they complement the wearer's hand beautifully as well. This makes the turquoise band ring a great design for everyday wear and any casual occasion requiring subtle elegance.

Turquoise Set-Stone Rings
The styling of set-stone rings focuses the attention away from the metal band, to the stone, making a bold fashion statement. The set-stone design allows the turquoise to achieve a more natural, less constrictive look. A bezel setting secures and encases the turquoise with metal; this makes the stone appear as an extension of the ring, rather than an addition. A set-stone turquoise ring is a great attention grabber, and it is a nice choice for a formal occasion

Turquoise Stacker Rings
Whether as a show of affluence or a fashion statement, people enjoy adorning their hands with multiple turquoise rings. To fulfill people's desire for the look, designers have fashioned sets of turquoise rings to be worn either together or one on each finger. Stackers can consist of any combination of bands or set-stone rings. Whatever the combination, they are designed to complement each other, and to add casual style to the wearer.

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