Monday, July 12, 2010

Marilyn Monroe’s Chest X-Ray Sells at Auction, From Kovel's Komments

Marilyn Monroe’s Chest X-Ray Sells at Auction

It is illegal to auction body parts, shrunken heads, and human skulls, but three medical x-rays of Marilyn Monroe’s chest were sold as collectibles last week. The 1954 x-rays, estimated at $800-$1,000, sold for $45,000 at a Las Vegas auction run by Julien’s Auctions of West Hollywood, California. A radiology resident at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Hollywood “obtained” the X-rays in the 1950s and later used them when he taught medical school classes. Marilyn was said to have known about their classroom use and didn’t mind. But why would anyone want to pay tens of thousands of dollars for them? Would you?

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