Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dig This!! Greenhouse Gas Guzzlers

Scientists have discovered that peridotite, a rock in the upper mantle of the earth's crust, actually consumes greenhouse gases. Peridotite is so hungry for greenhouse gas that some scientists are proposing that we pump carbon-dioxide emissions into the areas where the rock is abundant, such as in Oman, some Pacific Islands, Croatia, Greece and parts of the United States.

As reported in "The Economist", scientists believe that by drilling into the rock and fracturing it, they can increase the absorption rate. Oman alone may be capable of absoring 4 billion tons of carbon-dioxide each year--a substantial portion of the 30 billion tons annually produced from the burning of fossil fuels.
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Peridotite is named for the gemstone peridot, a glassy green gem mined in Asia and Arizona (Peridot Cove). Some peridotite is mined for ornamental stone.

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