Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Should You Be Clinging To Your Gun?

Should You Be Clinging To Your Gun?
Beware of "Common Sense" Measures.

An article from the Gilmer County, Ga. Times Courier by Becky Antworth

You may recall the surge in gun sales last Fall surrounding Barack Obama's election. Purchases and permit requests shot up 20 percent. Stores across the county set six-figure sales records on Nov 4--only to break them on Nov 5. Dallas sold over $300,000 in merchandise in the three days after Election Day. Colorado set a state record--1,500 new owners in a single day.

Buy 'em while you can, people said. President Obama plus a Democratic Congress signaled a gun rights disaster waiting to happen.

So four months after the election, I wondered what the feeling was among gun enthusiasts. Were they still stocking up? Had store owners seen any signs the Second Amendment was about to be frisked?

See the entire article here: TimesCourier

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Just remember what the real issue is. Any why defending it is more than "common sense".

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