Saturday, March 14, 2009

TimeSharing in Orlando, FL

February is a good time to vacation in Orlando; and this year was no exception. We did a timeshare exchange and spent two lovely weeks at the Orange Lake Country Club, North Village, which actually is in Kissimmee.

The Orange Lake Country Club covers alot of acreage, situated on adjoining property lines with Disney World. There are four "resort villages" within Orange Lake--North Village, West Village, East Village, and River Island. But no matter which village you stay at, you have access to all of the amenities in all of the villages. They offer continuous daily shuttles to and from each village; And I think they even have a complimentary daily shuttle to Disney. There are on-site restaurants, shops, and pools galore, along with hot tubs and lazy river rafting; and of course golfing and tennis.

Since we go to Orlando every year at this time for the Orlando Amateur Radio Club HamCation, we will definitely stay at Orange Lake again.

Pictured above: Interior and exterior view of Orange Lake Country Club

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