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VI Day in IRAQ - June 13, 2009

An article from Gathering of Eagles:

This will be the scene on the National Mall on June 13th, 2009, as tens of thousands of Americans gather to do what must be done:


Americans! If we don't do it, it won't be done; join us as we gather in the nation's capital on June 13th to commemorate "Victory in Iraq Day" and to thank our military for their sacrifices on behalf of a grateful nation. The time has come to recognize our brave troops for bringing victory to the Iraqi people and to the cause of freedom around the world.

What has happened in Iraq reflects what our nation can do when the stakes are high, and the stakes in Iraq were VERY high. While Operation Desert Storm was an important victory in the fight for freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom was immeasurably more vital in terms of defending the values we hold dear, and yet the government will not organize a victory parade like it did for General Schwarzkopf's troops. Why? Desert Storm was supported by the American public, and OIF has been the "orphan" of the last decade.

Well, the orphan has parents now, and, as Pogo said, "They is us."

Let's take ownership of our troops' victory in Iraq by gathering in the uncounted thousands to give them a national "thank-you."

There will be patriotic speakers, fabulous music, a sea of flags, and a general atmosphere of celebration and thanksgiving for what our military men and women have done under the most difficult of circumstances. Be a part of it!

Victory in Iraq Rally
Published: 01/14/2009 Author: Chris Hill
Posted On: January 14, 2009 at 9:40 AM By: Kathy

Yes, you read that correctly. On 13 June, 2009 , The Band of Mothers, Gathering of Eagles, Eagles Up and all our usual partners in the pro-troop movement will once again come together on the Mall in Washington , DC to celebrate the Victory of our brave troops in Iraq .

Many have argued for some time now that victory in Iraq was not only impossible, but that it was not even quantifiable. “Define victory!” was the cry from many in the anti-American groups like Code Pink and ANSWER. Well here it is: Baghdad is under Iraqi control, as are fully three-quarters of the provinces in a country that was written off as lost by too many of our politicians and all of our adversaries.

Elections are held with regularity in Iraq now. Their politicians squabble over banalities in a way all too reminiscent of the U.S. Congress. Bombings are down, American combat troops are rotating out, Iraqi recruits are graduating at record rates and schools, hospitals and government agencies are opening all over the country. In fact, more Americans were killed in a handful of American cities last year than in the entire country of Iraq .

One American death is terrible and hard to take, but our brave men and women in uniform shouldered their burden and liberated a country that had been in the hands of a truly dangerous U.S. hating despot. The situation in Iraq will not turn around completely, but turn around it will and all because brave American heroes saw to it. The Middle-East will not begin to love us over night, but 10 or 20 years down the road some Iraqi child who benefited from the company of an American warrior will marvel at how anyone could hate such good, kind men and women.

That is what we are going to celebrate in DC this June: the best and brightest Americans went to a brutally inhospitable land and made friends of former enemies. They fought in conditions alien and incomprehensible to most of us and they succeeded against terrible odds because that is what our service members do. Join us in saying thanks to these men and women. If you’re uncertain what the thanks should be let me sum it up for you: THANK YOU SOLDIERS, SAILORS, AIRMEN, MARINES & COASTIES FOR SAVING THE WORLD. WE ARE FOREVER IN YOUR DEBT.

Chris Hill
Executive Director
Gathering of Eagles

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