Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Press Releases Drive Traffic--By EcommerceBytes

Press Releases Drive Traffic to Ecommerce Websites
By Phil Davies
March 11, 2009

Your marketing budget is tight or nonexistent, but you still need to attract new customers to your website. One low cost way to draw traffic is to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Publishing news releases online allow you to reach out to both the public and the media with interesting news about your business.

A press release informs the public and the media about news related to your organization or business. "News" is defined as information about a recent or important event. For example, if your organization or business hires a new CEO or introduces a new product or service, you could write a news release about those events. Other newsworthy topics include promotions you are running, price changes, a new line of products, and even tips for consumers who use your types of products.

A good release should also give some type of valuable information to attract potential customers. For the past 10 years, has been publishing a monthly list of the top antiques and collectibles that people have searched for on their Web site during the previous month. This list is valuable to collectors and sellers of antiques and collectibles because it gives an interesting insight into that vertical market. Many publications and websites republish these releases as well, because the information has value for their readers. As a result of these releases, tens of thousands of people have visited the TIAS website.

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